The situation became more complicated with the cottage towns

10.09.2009 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | The situation became more complicated with the cottage towns According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko collapsed in whole or partly suspended construction work on the construction of cottage towns. The main reason for stopping the construction - the absence of proper funding.

The crisis led to the fact that in the next six months will be virtually frozen the start of construction developers claimed more than 53 large villa projects.
According to official figures, on August 8, a consulting company RealEkspo "( in the Kiev region the largest number of cottage townships built in:

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- Kiev Svyatoshinsky area - 13;
- Obukhov district - 15;
- Vyshgorodsky area - 11;
- Brovarskom area - 7;
- Makariv region - 12;
- Boryspil district - 10;
- Kiev - 6;
Today, developers are not at risk to build outside the 25-30-kilometer zone. Collapsing Infrastructure negative impact on potential customers, purchasing power has plummeted.
Valery Kirilko, CEO of Concorde Develolopment said: "In order to attract potential buyers must use new and innovative approaches that clearly prove the need for the obtaining of suburban real estate, even in times of crisis."
In his view, the distance to the cottage towns of Kiev will be increased. This trend, as the sharply reduced number of suitable land sites suitable for construction on a relatively small distance of 20 - 25 kilometers from Kiev.
Number of projects according to the portal, announced the implementation of the developers on somstoyaniyu to June 2009, more than modest:
- Kiev Svyatoshinsky area - 18 - Brovarskom area - 12 - Boryspil district -11;, more than half of which is frozen.
According to the Land Union of Ukraine, as of August 8 in the Kiev region the average cost of one hundred of land - 4,457 dollars. President of the Land Union Koshil Andrew said: "Land in Kiev and the region in autumn fell to 38 - 40%." This is directly reflected in the market of cottage buildings, where a continuing decline in the prices of houses business and economy class. Here, the average price of 1 square meter in late August and early September was 897 dollars per square meter.
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