The safest country in Europe to buy a home

20.10.2010 16:55
Real Estate Market Analysis | The safest country in Europe to buy a home International Company Evans released a study of European countries, the most secure investment in real estate. First place in the ranking is Switzerland.

The Swiss economy is characterized by stability and the absence of sharp price changes. Authorities of the country legally restrict the number of foreigners who can buy property, as well as opportunities for resale homes. According to industry analysts, property prices are steadily increasing on average by 1-3% per year, growth was observed even in a crisis.

Second on the list was the United Kingdom. It is promoted by tax exemptions for non-residents, a simple immigration legislation, stable economic development, as well as the possibility of obtaining low-cost financing - a mortgage loan today in the country can be obtained by 2-4% per annum.

France occupies the third position. Prices per square meter in Paris over the past 5 years has grown by 35-40% (up to 5,000 euros per square meter. M). Income from renting an apartment here is 4,5-5% a year, he can cover the monthly mortgage payments. In addition, the country's widely developed repurchase property that brings a guaranteed income. Transaction to buy back state-controlled.

The five safest countries for investment also includes Italy and Austria. In Italy, the property owners who own apartments and houses more than 5 years are exempt from tax on income from their sale. In Austria, strictly blyudut law on banking secrecy, not allowing account holders to disclose the amount of real estate under any circumstances. In addition, the country's level of property prices regulated by law, housing becomes more expensive by 5-10% per year.
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