The real estate market reeling Donetsk

18.01.2011 09:28
Real Estate Market Analysis | The real estate market reeling Donetsk Once in 2009, prices for secondary housing in Donetsk have fallen to 47-55% further reduction in price has stopped.

In the past year, apartment prices rose by an average of 6% - to $ 1,165 per square meter. m. The most expensive is the Voroshilov district (average price per square meter - $ 1483), in the Kalinin squares are offered at $ 1150, Petrovsky - for $ 745, Kirov - for $ 855, Proletarian - at $ 889, says Business Capital.

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According to Donetsk AN "Novosel, Gostinka the cheapest you can buy for $ 20-22 thousand, one-bedroom apartment - for $ 21-23 thousand," kopeck piece - $ 25 thousand, three rubles - $ 28 thousand square meters in new buildings ready starting from $ 700.

"Last year, the secondary housing market consisted of 250-300 transactions per month. And in December of active buyers increased more than 1,5 times - all sought to close the year of purchase. Successful month for the market were also May and June "- says the founder of the Academy of Sciences" Novosel Ivan Kudoyarov. The activity of the local market compared with 2009 increased by 15%, although it is still five to six times lower than pre-crisis indicators.

In Donetsk, as in other cities over one million people, was a boom in the cheapest housing. Buyers have become more picky about the quality of flats even at the expense of his purse. The main demand in the city was focused on real estate worth $ 30-40 thousand, and $ 60-70 thousand in the coming year, the price of second homes may again prosest by 5-10%.

Business Capital
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