The real estate market of southern Florida to reach the «bottom» in 2012

29.12.2010 13:34
Real Estate Market Analysis | The real estate market of southern Florida to reach the «bottom» in 2012 In 2011, according to market analysts, promises to be challenging for sellers of real estate in the region. Note that Florida is the "proposed" Russian buyer U.S. region.

Increase in house prices can not be expected for two reasons: firstly, because of instability in the employment market in the region, and secondly, because of the low-cost homes, alienated for debts on mortgages and exposed to the market.

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Not expected to increase prices on other types of real estate. The only exception would be housing in multifamily housing on the coast - some experts suggest that prices for such apartments can begin to recover in the near future, the magazine writes SunSentinel.

According to Lewis Gudkin (Lewis Goodkin), real estate consultant from Miami, at best, the market starts to recover in 2012. With such an outlook according to analysts the company Moody's Analytics - according to them, property prices in South Florida will fall another 16% before reaching the "bottom". The latter occurs most likely in 2012. In Palm Beach County drops to lowest level in the second quarter of 2012, falling another 11%.
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