The real estate market is expected to surge Crimea

21.03.2014 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | The real estate market is expected to surge Crimea If the level of infrastructure development in the Crimea will reach the resorts of Krasnodar Territory, the value of the property on the peninsula could be 20% higher analogues Kuban Black Sea coast due to a significant recreational factor, writes Gazeta citing experts. Representatives of the real estate companies interviewed by the publication , said that the appeal of the local property market will grow as long promised by the Russian investment in the development of transport and social infrastructure of the peninsula. However, in any case , to compete with the resorts of Krasnodar Region Crimea could not earlier than 10 years. At the same time , it is believed that the prices may go down - if the Ukrainians, who own property , will sell it.

If a recovery in the real estate market and the Crimean happen, not in the near future . To begin with it will be necessary to resolve technical issues relating to the registration of transactions of purchase and sale of apartments .

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Another obstacle to the growth of demand for local housing will be that the residential real estate in the Crimea is mainly represented by the houses of poor quality , many facilities have problems with communications and water supply , says another source of the newspaper . The new resort property is not more than 5-7% of the total real estate market.

"The cost of holiday homes may increase , especially if the West impose sanctions , for example, to limit the Russians buying real estate. Then wealthy Russians as an alternative will choose Crimea . On the other hand, if the Ukrainian businessmen who own real estate in the Crimea will be actively puts it on sale , house prices may fall , "- said the deputy head of the analytical center Alexander Pypin .

Estimated consultancy Macon Realty Group, demand for real estate in the Crimea on 50-55 % formed by citizens of Ukraine , 35-40% - citizens of Russia and 15% - the citizens of the CIS countries, many of whom were representatives of the Baltic countries. In the case of the Crimea to Russia audience of buyers , is likely to change . Market demand for sure lose the vast majority of citizens of Ukraine and buyers from the Baltic countries. Aggregate demand will form mainly Russian citizens alone .

While it remains to wait for receipt of funds from the budget of Russia and activity of private investors. In this case, the real estate market of the Crimea can get a new impetus.
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Думаю вы ошибаетесь, путин сделает в Крыму свою вторую резеденцию, например в Алупкинском двореце, климат в крыму получше, чем в Москве, крымский климат одинаково полезен для здоровья как зимой, так и летом. На Южном берегу Крыма всегда тепло, выход в в море на яхте без проблем, а за свет и газ не волнуйтесь, для себя он все сделает быстро, а российский народ будет сосать лапу и восхищаться этим чмо
А чи будуть ці всі угоди куплі-продажу законні? Так можна втратити чималу суму грошей без надії на повернення.
Хорошо там, где нас ждут... Крым уже лишился 60% отдыхающих - украинцев. И вряд ли приобрел в лице русских!
Пройдет совсем не много времени и "украинофобов" будут вылавливать жители Крыма на улице за то, что лишили их детей европейского будущего и окунули в нищету...
Всплеск это когда все тонет, нивные вы уже не наши соотечественники, кому нужен ваш крым без воды света и газа это всегда был очень дорогой и очень бюджетный отдых а теперь вообще не отдых