The real estate market is at a crossroads

10.07.2011 00:15
Real Estate Market Analysis | The real estate market is at a crossroads By midsummer 2011 the real estate market of Moscow and Russia was again at a crossroads, as, indeed, the entire macro-economic situation in general. For the statement of the crisis, there are many formal reasons: the almost twofold increase in oil prices since last summer, and strengthening of the ruble, and increasing the purchasing activity of the population, and improving the overall mood of the business community. Here are just a cost per square meter as one of the most reliable and conservative indicator of economic condition of society for some reason not in a hurry to support all this optimism, leading to serious thought.

According to the analytical center, for the first half of 2011 the dollar prices of real estate in Moscow, added about 10%, topping the mark of 5,000 after $ per square meter. The index value of housing costs in June (average per month) amounted to $ 4,986 at the end of the month (last week of June) - $ 5,025. However, if we take into account that the dollar has lost over the six months about the same 10% (30-31 rubles per dollar at the beginning of the year to 27-28 rubles to fly), there is no real growth in general remains.

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About the following statistics in respect of ruble prices for apartments in Moscow is just a magazine about real estate leads Thus, the average price for Moscow housing fluctuated throughout a semester within the band 132-142 thousand rubles per square meter. Moreover, as clearly shown by the graph of housing prices in Moscow, in the corridor of the capital cost per square meter is already in the early summer of last year, showing no steady trend of growth, in contrast to the period from summer 2009 to summer 2010. It should also be noted that sustainable growth and real estate shows no regions of Russia. Despite the formal increase in prices a little, in fact, continues to stagnate and global real estate market.

What price are more significant - in dollars or rubles? Or more simply, whether we should note the existence of growth in real estate prices in Moscow and Russia, or to claim that growth in general and not the whole year market stagnating? Give a definite answer is difficult.

If you talk about pricing for those who are going to buy an apartment in Moscow or the Moscow region, in this case indicative of ruble prices, though often the Moscow real estate is sold for dollars and the euro. But in terms of consumer demand and the level of solvency of the population ruble prices show that the increase in general and with nowhere to nothing.

There are, of course, some segments of the real estate market in which the ruble prices for the past six months have shown steady growth, but they are few. First of all, it's new buildings in Moscow and Moscow region economy class, which over the year have increased in price 10% -15% -20%. If you look at the dynamics of prices of housing types, no clear system are observed. Thus, the greatest increase in the first half - two-and multi-room apartments, and in the least - two bedroom and one bedroom. Given that the price per square meter one-bedroom apartments usually a maximum, and multi-room due to a larger area, other things being equal, minimal, is just a slight adjustment of prices.

In this segment itself "modern monolith-brick houses" was an outsider of growth, despite all the talk about banning the construction of housing in Moscow and the fall in construction. The reason - again, often initially overpriced modern new buildings of Moscow business class. But "stalinka" and brick houses
Soviet era, which dipped more during the crisis, to a greater extent played a fall. But somehow all these slight differences in price movements exhibit more post-crisis utryaski market - some apartments have increased in price more than others - less, some have not added at all, and all such housing can be divided into distinct categories. 
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