The real estate market in the spring thawed

20.02.2014 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | The real estate market in the spring thawed If earlier buyers and sellers of apartments and especially so in no hurry to execute the transaction, because had to adapt to the new rules, estimates of property, foreign exchange restrictions purchases over 150 ths. legislative initiatives and other authorities, but now many of them hid until better times because of rising dollar. According to the observations of industry analysts , since the summer of secondary housing market fell by 50 % in January compared to December - another 30% . The primary organization has suffered less , but a stronger dollar may reduce the activity of buyers who buy a home ponadeyutsya more profitable . Currency fluctuations bring the most trouble tenants apartments economy , since the hosts can raise rents .

Sell ​​- buy no hurry

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In January, sales market activity traditionally not shine records. Thus, according to consulting company SV Development, last month was recorded 522 deals in the secondary market and 892 - in the secondary . December results in this regard have been better, in the last month of the 2013th were sold on the secondary housing 818 apartments, and in the primary - 1222. In other words, just a month the real estate market was down 296 unsold apartments on the secondary , and 330 unsold apartments in the primary .

In principle , the January stagnation of the housing market could be explained by the New Year holidays , but experts believe that the problem here is different . First, sellers and buyers of apartments were trying to understand the numerous legislative innovations ( for example, in February, finally earned the new rules for assessing housing - prim.avt ) , and now want to understand how the dollar will grow and how it will affect the level of prices for apartments .

It should be noted that the cost of primary and secondary housing has not changed much yet . Since the beginning of 2014 all the price fluctuations both in Kiev and in regional centers occurred within 0.5-1% .

As noted by industry analysts , the reasons for changes in property prices yet, but if the dollar will go up further , sellers , after all, reconsider the cost of housing .

" Price fluctuations are most susceptible apartments costing up to 80 thousand dollars, that is affordable housing . When will grow dollar, and apartments in the hryvnia equivalent will grow slowly and in dollars - no. If the rate remains at 8.5 - 8.6 UAH . , in dollar terms , nothing will change , too, in hryvnia , "- said in a comment " columnist " analyst consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki .

In turn , the chairman of the National Council of Realtor Chamber of Ukraine Viktor Nesin believes that the starting point for significant changes in apartment prices sellers can become the dollar above 10 UAH .

" Prices may change if , for example , the dollar rises above 10 USD. If the dollar lower, prices in dollar terms will remain unchanged , and in the national currency will rise . While those prices that are in the national currency , especially not restated since the dollar is subject to constant fluctuations and an unlocked position clear , "- said " columnist " expert.

Rent ekonomzhilya might appreciate

In the segment of rental housing capital until all the more or less stable : the owners rent , landlords are looking for . At the same time Kiev has noted that some owners started talking about the rise in price of rent.

" I rent a room in kopeck piece with a neighbor , each of us pays for all 2300 UAH. Recently owners said they wanted to raise to 600 UAH rental price , they say , the dollar becomes more expensive , and the apartment in a prestigious area , fully equipped . Angered me this , because the lease contract signed for a year and I live here only six months. 'm thinking move , fortunately, for the money there is a choice of rooms , "- told us Anna .

I must say that a significant increase in rental rates in Kiev has not yet been observed. Thus, in January-February of the rent in the capital grew to within 1% .

Meanwhile, experts say that there is nothing surprising in the owners desire to increase the rental price not, as many people want to minimize the loss of their income due to the rise of the dollar.

"Segment rent in Kiev is quite busy because, after all, is the capital and there will always be demand for housing . Therefore, rental rates have changed so far in the direction of the fall in a narrow segment of the housing , for example, in the center , facing the street . Hrushevskoho . and in general, rents are rising and it is possible that before the end of the year still grow in the range of 10-15 %. it concerns , first of all , economy housing "- says Nesin .

In general , rents are rising and it is possible that before the end of the year still grow in the range of 10-15 %. As to this, first of all, economy housing
At the same time, analysts clarify that while the massive growth of the rental cost should not expect this trend more clearly manifested at least three months .

" Those people who have passed their apartments for rent as a fee is not reconsidered . But I think that if the rate of nine and above, the hosts could reconsider the cost to the dollar peg . If the dollar will stop within nine UAH , in within two to three months rent increase . Conditionally , if the apartment is worth $ 500 at the rate of 8.2 UAH . , now it will cost $ 500 at the rate of Rs 9 . primarily, here hurt the economy segment and luxury housing is not touch , because this class apartments surrender easy. Simply take expensive housing client than to say goodbye to him and re-look at a more expensive price, " - says Kostecki .

Invest in housing can and should be

Amid rising dollar and the devaluation of the hryvnia Ukrainians begin to look for alternative ways to keep deposits and investment funds. However, many are considering the possibility of investing by buying apartments. Experts say that such an option is not bad , because if you approach the matter with the mind - minimal risk of loss of funds . Moreover, if properly invest the money , you can still get a profit .

So , if it is selected as the primary housing investment , it is better to buy an apartment in the unfinished under excavation since the completion of the construction cost per square meter will go up by 10% , says Sergey Kostecki .

If you now select as primary housing investment , it is better to buy an apartment in the unfinished under excavation since the completion of the construction cost per square meter will go up by 10%
" If the money is clean , in principle, can be invested in a new building on a good foundation stage . And in any case by the end of construction at least 10% of the asset will rise in price . Primary cell What is interesting ? Those that Khrushchev price you can buy a normal apartment in the new building . now enough good developers with interesting suggestions. Therefore, people have to choose from . Therefore, do not rule out that at the end of this year, the number of transactions in the primary will be two times higher than in the secondary. However , it is better to choose an apartment from a large and proven developers to minimize the risks of freezing facility, " - says Kostecki .

In the purchase of flats in the secondary market also has its advantages , analysts say. First, do not wait a year or two , until the house is built. Secondly, once you can save on rental housing , or vice versa earn by renting an apartment familiar explains Victor Nesin .

Today is profitable to buy second homes and immediately rent it . I think that it is more profitable than even the deposit. The average return on the price - about 8-10 years.

" Now a good time to invest in real estate . Fact that there is no buying activity , respectively , buyers are more loyal to trading . Moreover, rents still growing and profitable today to buy a home and rent it out . I think it is more profitable than even the deposit. All calculated based payback . average return on such investments , ie the value of the apartment - about 8-10 years " - said the expert .

The housing market will work until May

Activates the property market in just a few months after the country's political crisis will calm down and the currency will cease to " dance " , experts say. At best, the purchase and sale of apartments will score more or less in May , said Kostecki .

"When the political situation to calm down , slowly begin to stabilize the dollar , and then within a month is more or less something will clear how much it will ultimately cost the hryvnia . And only then after a couple of weeks you can see some stabilization in the real estate market. However, all of these processes will be slow . That is, definitive stabilization in the housing segment , we may reach in May. However, in April the picture is clear and can be from mid-spring market may start to grow, " - explains the situation the analyst.

At the same time President Nesin believes that the real estate market will be in a tranquil position all year : "Unfortunately, we do not have no reason to activate the real estate market . Mortgages as not working and not working. Foreign investors do not go. Therefore the market will be in a state of stagnation . However, suppose some fluctuation around 10 %. Today, the market is more alive than dead. But the situation is still not very funny : about 20 merchants goes one buyer . "
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