The real estate market in Kiev died for the second time after the crisis?

07.08.2011 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | The real estate market in Kiev died for the second time after the crisis? "In the spring of this year in the metropolitan housing market, there have been some interesting developments, which for some reason was not widely publicized in the media. Prices in most segments of the residential real estate dipped to 5-10 percent or more, that the housing market, of course, is a significant drop "- the author of publication.

In his opinion, the efforts of interested parties "to inflate a new bubble in a time when the old one has not blown away, ended in a fiasco," and the real estate market in Kiev after the second time in February 2009 sat on the floor price. Moreover, according to the author, economy class housing would suffer little, but flat middle class and prestige lost in value very much and now you can buy them even cheaper than during the first crisis. The publication notes that the tendency to drop the cost of housing in this segment remains.

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At the same time, the author does not undertake to judge whether the price reached the bottom of the third. "The real estate market in Kiev there was absolutely unpredictable situation. Multi-vector pull factors and the market up and down, and someone who will outweigh, say with certainty that while hard "- he said.

"The excitement on the apartment market will not be long. Mortgages - the engine of the market "stalled and will not start." Portfolios of banks are stuffed with problem debts. The massive potential borrower does not receive our monthly on two or three thousand euros "in white" and does not believe in the stability of their income for 20 years ahead, both in the developed world. Long-term money in the system also observed - the maximum annual deposits, along with that many investors are still placing money in a period of seven days to a month. And because the mortgage at 10%, in which not afraid to take credit for the purchase of housing, we are not yet in sight, "- noted on the pages of books.
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