The price of land near Minsk begins to break records

23.05.2012 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | The price of land near Minsk begins to break records The correspondent of "Diary" went on the auction for the sale to private ownership of land in the Minsk region, and looked like being sold to Belarus prestigious land.

The auction for the sale of land for construction of individual houses in the Minsk Regional Executive Committee was held on Thursday, May 17. At the auction was put up 49 stations ranging from 10 to 20 square meters of the initial value of 25 to more than 200 million rubles, depending on the location and failed communication. The most expensive initial price was set at sites located in Zaslavl. Almost next to them at the price of land plots located in the Zhdanovich and Borovlyany.

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Each step of the price was equal to 10 percent from the previous price, so prices inflated very rapidly. For example, if the starting price was 60 million rubles, that is the first step raised the price up to 66 million rubles, while the second - up to 72.6 million rubles.

For this reason, the initial auction price had nothing to do with that established in the bidding. At the last auction was altogether broken record. We do not even have enough Auctioneer counted steps, to name a price for the next step. I had to take a break and wait for the accountant calculates the executive committee of the following steps.

As a result of the bidding price of land in one of the most prestigious areas near Minsk reached 1.388 billion rubles (nearly 170 thousand dollars), but was never sold as well as potential buyers at the next step is simply folded.

The average price for a rising portion of the initial two to three times, after which there was only one buyer.

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