The new rules will change the real estate market

13.02.2014 01:15
Real Estate Market Analysis | The new rules will change the real estate market Today came into force new rules for registration of rights to real estate. In particular, the paperwork for ownership of apartments in new buildings now have to deal not buyers and developers. In the State Registration Service believe that it will make life easier for investors. The fact that the rules will bring the real estate market , market participants told LigaBusinessInform .

Dmitry Shostya , head of sales LCD "Park Stone":

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- Radical changes in the market will not happen. Conscientious developers and tried so hard to help the buyer with the most paperwork. And now it will be obliged to do everything.

Previously, after commissioning the developer received the documents at home, and then the investor ran the chain of command and get ownership of their particular apartment.

From today, the investor will receive all documents , including the right to property from the developer , which was signed .

Definite plus innovation - what the investor to register their rights will need to collect fewer documents , and therefore clearance will be faster.

Talk about the cons is premature. The only thing that is clear - there is no step by step registration process , and it may cause technical difficulties . In addition , you will have time for the receptionist and property owners understood the innovations .

Market activity new registration rules are unlikely to affect . Yes, the paperwork will be easier , but if people will not have the funds to purchase real estate, they receive documents by mail or from the developer, there will come to them personally - will not play a role .

Igor Kushnir , president of HC "Kyivmiskbud" :

- Approximately the same thing we did before, just now it will be easier and faster
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