The most popular ski real estate is still in France

13.12.2010 00:05
Real Estate Market Analysis | The most popular ski real estate is still in France With the words "Western ski resorts," remembered above all three countries - France, Switzerland and Austria. It was there, and there are objects of class luxury. And wealthy buyers are choosing to buy yourself something "Ski", just rush in there.

France - the undisputed leader, there is most likely an expensive ski resort in the world - Courchevel, publicly known thanks largely to "heroism" on it our oligarchs. The mean kushevelskih prices diverge in different experts - from 10 to 37 thousand euros for the quarter. meter. Despite the fact that the prices there, from the standpoint of an ordinary person, sky-high, customers are actively interested in them. According to the experts - on set of quality real estate, infrastructure development and popularity he currently has no analogues. Other French resorts are located in the shadow of his illustrious "cousin" - real estate prices here two times lower.

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French ski (as, indeed, any other) property more accessible than it looks at first glance - after all, France is home to the scheme leaseback. Its essence boils down to the fact that the investor acquired the object immediately rented and owner (or reserving the right to use the object for 3-4 weeks a year, or not - it affects the interest) receives a guaranteed rental income. As a result, investors will receive not only high-quality apartments in the prestigious ski resorts at the lowest price, but VAT refunds and guaranteed income.

For example, in the resort of Les Arcs in the complex class four star apartments with two bedrooms at a price of 377 thousand euros. Leaseback is a contract for nine years, the yield on it is 3.8% per year (without accommodation), 3.5% (five-week stay for a year) or 2.5% (12 weeks).
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