The most anticipated events in 2011 in the property market

28.12.2010 09:35
Real Estate Market Analysis | The most anticipated events in 2011 in the property market Future in 2011, according to RIA Novosti, continue tendency for recovery of real estate market in Russia - in next year's expected strong growth in house prices, which had already begun to rise in price in major cities, as well as an increase in the volume of construction both residential and commercial real estate.

In addition, in the coming year is to open the first stage of the famous hotel "Moscow", and also decide the fate of first deputy mayor Vladimir Resin, the capital and real estate development company Mirax Group, which will negotiate with creditors.

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1. Revitalization of the construction in Russia

New construction of residential and commercial real estate, as well as the level of investment in real estate may be in 2011, the highest since 2008. The expiring in 2010, many developers have returned to a "frozen" in crisis projects and began looking for opportunities to start new projects. Interested in the growth of construction, particularly housing, and regional authorities, because the task of putting into operation in 2020, one square meter of housing per person per year has not been canceled. That and the Deputy Minister of Regional Development Constantine Royal predicts that housing construction in Russia in 2011 could grow by about 4 million square meters compared to 2010 - up to 64 million square meters.

2. Housing prices: a smooth increase

In the coming year, according to analysts, the housing, which began to rise in price in the big cities back in 2010, will continue to rise in price. But home buyers should not worry much - supernatural shocks have been predicted. So, director of pricing in construction and expert analysis of Russian Builders Association (AMA), Paul Goryachkin expects that house prices in Russia will grow in 2011, slower than inflation and will rise by 7-8%. Agree with this forecast and the National Association of the estimated pricing and value engineering (violence). At the same time here believe that the main increase in the cost of housing waiting areas with large federal construction projects, whereas depressive town where there kills more plants, such as Togliatti and Izhevsk, may encounter, and falling prices. In Moscow, waiting for Nasi house inflation in the range of 2% per month (24% per year), but the president of the corporation Incom Sergei Kozlovsky not so optimistic, suggesting that prices for the "secondary housing in the capital for 2011 to grow by 16% .

3. Scheme will help defrauded real estate investors

In 2010, defrauded real estate investors were again in the media spotlight - unlucky co-investors have held several high-profile protests, including the All-Russian meeting, this time managing to get through to authorities. Deputy Minister of Regional Development King promised in December that all the problems of people affected by joint construction shall be resolved in 2012. But how can this be done, apparently, it will become clear in 2011: According to the director of the Department of Industry and Infrastructure Government of Russia Maxim Sokolov, the Russian authorities are currently developing a scheme to cope with the problem of defrauded co-investors.

4. The fate of Resin: question mark

First Deputy Mayor Vladimir Resin is in the system of urban management staff since 1988. All these years, it was he who was at the helm stroysektora and oversaw the major construction projects in the capital. However, with the change of the mayor of Moscow, a new official in charge of building complex of the city. They became Marat Khusnullin, ex-Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Tatarstan, which now holds the position of Deputy Mayor of Moscow town-planning policies and construction. How long will remain in the holder of executive power of the capital Resin, who will soon turn 75 years, will become clear only now in 2011, and while he concentrated on controlling the construction of a number of iconic objects of the capital - such as the Moscow City and Moscow Metro.

5. Moscow will rule construction

The draft law on the Rules of Land Use and Development was adopted by the Moscow City Duma in first reading in December 2009. Second reading Moskomarkhitektura trained over thousands of amendments and additions to the bill. In contrast to the General Plan of Moscow, which has already been adopted and operates in the capital, the PHC are more detailed document and explain what can be built on a given territory, for example, set the height limit of buildings and the maximum percentage of building area. Without it, the capital developers can not actually begin new projects.

Chairman Vladimir Platonov, the MHD has promised reporters that the city legislators to take this important planning documents until the summer of 2011.

6. Mirax will try to negotiate with creditors

Major news from one of the most controversial Russian developers - Mirax Group - in 2010: the company can not begin to repay their debts. Thus, in late December it became known that the structure of the developer - "MY Groups" allowed tehdefolt on the fifth coupon payment of the third and fourth series of bonds, and this technical default was not the first of the year.

Currently, the main duty of Mirax is 593 million dollars (307 million dollars - CLN, $ 83 million - ruble-denominated bonds, 203 million dollars - the bank loans secured by real estate) and it is unclear when the developer will be able to solve the problem of their debts or at least restructure their . Not to assist in debt restructuring and the latest events around the corporation, related plans to seal the fire tower "Federation". According to the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs "New business" Mikhail Dvorkovich, of MES are planned character and their purpose may be an attempt to influence corporations to negotiate with creditors. However, the developer hopes to restructure its debt before the end of summer 2011.

7. May call a general contractor route "Formula 1"

Contest to determine the general contractor building the road, which will run Russian stage of world championship racing in the class "Formula 1", will be announced in April 2011. Previously, the Krasnodar Territory has signed a contract with the organizers of the championship, "Formula 1" to hold Grand Prix in Russia. Under the agreement, a Russian region shall be entitled to hold the race from 2014 to 2020. However, 60% of the future route will already built for the Olympics in Sochi road.

8. Reconception projects in MIBC "Moscow City"

In 2011, the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC), Moscow-City can expect significant changes, due to dissatisfaction with the city authorities the situation in the MIBC. So, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, who called the "Moscow City" urban mistake, repeatedly critically evaluate MIBC due to poor provision of transport infrastructure and parking spaces. At present the project "Moscow City" stipulates the construction of 21.6 thousand cars, while the experts as the required number of call 30-100 thousand people in the parking garage. It is not excluded that, under the parking lots can go to the site, which is currently idle unfinished - in any case, this sounds like the mayor of Moscow. Also, parking can appear on the 22-m, 23 m and 24 m stations of the Moscow-City "and in place before the planned complex for the city authorities.

And of the "City", the management company International Business Center project, which in 2010 had already had two presidential plans in the coming year to develop a new program of development, which will focus on improving the transport infrastructure of the Moscow-City "and improving the downtown area.

9. The opening of the first stage of the hotel "Moskva"

Hotel "Moscow" in the center of the capital, the reconstruction period which was repeatedly postponed, is considered one of the most famous long-term construction town. Originally it was planned that it will open under the control network Four Seasons in late 2007, then moved her discovery at the end of 2008. Now the city authorities are planning that the hotel, closed for reconstruction in 2003, will start work no earlier than 2012.

However, the first opportunity to visit the famous Hotel Muscovites will get next year when, as promised in the "Moscow" will begin parking and shopping arcade.

10. Reconstruction of the Children's World "will adjust

All the recent years, starting from the beginning of reconstruction of the Central Children's World "at the Lubyanka in Moscow, representatives of public organizations, primarily the" Arhnadzor "expressed their dissatisfaction with the progress of construction works and required changes to the project of reconstruction store. In their view, the customer restoration Sistema-Hals "allows on-site destruction of the old interior and a vandal with respect to certain elements of interior decoration.

Recently, "Arhnadzor" reported that the city authorities finally paid attention to the state of affairs in the "Children's World." Planned revision of the reconstruction project, which resulted in more attention will be paid to the conservation of decorative arts of interior decoration of the building.
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