The metropolitan housing market ice is broken

11.01.2011 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | The metropolitan housing market ice is broken The past year will be remembered by the participants of the Moscow real estate market thaw period, to replace the frost of the financial crisis. Scorching rays of summer sun, not only fueled the fires in the forests around Moscow, but also melted the ice on the capital's construction sites. Thus, the number of frozen development projects in 2010 has decreased by ten times. Resuscitation buildings experts explain the increased activity of buyers that have increased revenues of developers and realtors in half.

According to the analytical consulting center (ASC) "Miel" in 2009, the primary housing market of the capital had been frozen for over a quarter of new buildings. By the end of 2010 the number of frozen objects, construction of which is not conducted or was not initiated, was only 2.5%, said CEO of ASC "Miel" Vladislav Lutsk. This year, the number of stopped because of the crisis of projects declined, experts agree.

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Entered the market 1.07 million square meters. meters of housing (21 housing complex), said Managing Partner at Blackwood Kovalev. For comparison: in 2009 this figure amounted to 300 thousand square meters. m (10 LC). Nevertheless, in the past year the number of new buildings was not significantly increased, according to Vladislav Lutsk. If in 2009, 48 newly emerged (859.6 thousand square meters. M), then in 2010 - only 30 houses (770 sq. M).

So, it was resumed construction of the LCD "Rublevskie lights" (property developer PIK ")," Airship (Bastion) (Tashir), "Afanasievsky» (Clever Asset Management). Continued construction of housing in Moscow of "Don Story Invest and Sistema-Hals. Developers are able to do this thanks to its new owner - the bank VTB, which is controlled by developers discovered financing housing projects.

On the wave of suburban housing developers crisis froze selling a third of cottage communities, whose number is the fall of 2008 amounted to five hundred, says CEO Rodex Group Evgeny Rodionov. Today, ice-bound, only 20% presented in the suburbs of low-rise facilities.

Melt the ice builders and realtors helped to pent-up demand, which resulted in real deals. For participants of the capital's housing market in 2010 was a year of sustained growth, says director of sales department of elite real estate company Penny Lane Realty Aleksander Zima. According to the Office of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography (Rosreestra) in Moscow, the number of transactions on the capital's housing market last year has increased compared to the year 2009 to 50.39%, according to RIA Novosti.

"In March, the market felt the first wave of returning demand - our company's number of calls has increased by a quarter, the volume of trades each month - a 10%" - agrees Mr. Zima. According to the ASC "Miel" in the period from January to November 2010 active buyers in the market of new buildings of Moscow doubled. Autumn buying activity in the segment of suburban housing has increased by 50% compared with the corresponding period in 2009, noted the company "Terra Real Estate.

The return of buyers to the market was due not only to the limited supply, but also to improve the macroeconomic situation. According to preliminary data from Rosstat, in January-October, real disposable incomes in Russia grew by 4.2% year on year. The median income for the same period increased by 10,5%.

According to the group of companies "Pioneer", is now in active selling is 1-1,3 million square feet. meters of housing, then there are 300 new buildings, of which 50 sites - an average price segment. Monthly sales are estimated at 80-100 thousand square meters. m, of which about 70% (55-70 sq. m) - the average price segment, said chief marketing officer of GC "Pioneer" Irina Romanova. She estimated that in 2010 it sold more than 20 thousand apartments (700-850 sq. M).

Currently, recovery was observed in all segments of the residential real estate, said Konstantin Kovalev. However, the leader in terms of construction and trades has become the most popular and liquidity in the economy class of the population. According to Alexander Zima, the volume of transactions in this segment in 2010 grew by about a third. Most of the demand for prefabricated construction sites, located at the end subway stations and in the satellite town of Khimki, Krasnogorsk, Dolgoprudny and Reutov. Demand for flat business-class and luxury apartments in the past year has increased by 15-20%.

Vendors and developers have felt that buyers wavered, and began to gently raise prices. According to Mr. Zima, in 2010, prices of economy class grew by 16.3%, from 93.2 thousand to 108.4 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m. apartments business and premium went up by 13.1 and 10.8%, respectively, to 216.1 thousand and 405.2 thousand rubles. for "square".

Increase the number of transactions in the housing market of Moscow builders and realtors have helped the Russian banks. Thanks to the liberalization of mortgage lending number of people willing to buy apartments in new buildings of the capital grew in the second half of 2010, almost 20%, estimated by experts consulting group of NEO Centre. So, from July 2010 to increase the volume of transactions with one-bedroom apartments was 7%, said Manager of assessment of residential property "NEO Centre" Marat Abdullin.

In the total purchases on the market of the Moscow housing traditionally lead flat economy class, which accounted for 86% of transactions involving mortgages. Buyers of business class sought help banks in 10% of cases, while the share of transactions in the market of elite housing in total mortgage lending amounted to just 4%. According to the "NEO Centre", for the first nine months of 2010, banks lent citizens to 234.2 billion rubles., Which is 54% higher than last year (152.5 billion rubles)..
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