The market of new rising demand, supply and prices

23.03.2011 10:49
Real Estate Market Analysis | The market of new rising demand, supply and prices In February 2011 the exposition of new buildings on the Moscow real estate market has increased by 12%. In this case, the total share of the objects already put into operation, as well as the objects pass the state commission are scheduled before the end of the year is about 82%.

According to the statistics of the analytical department of company "NDV-estate", the proportion of residential complexes, which conducted the sale, was about 60%, while the proportion of new buildings, which all have been sold or were available only to proposals for the assignment, was 28 %.

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To share facilities, which was suspended implementation due to financial difficulties, problems in the documentation, or in connection with the strategy of sales accounted for about 12% of the objects.

In comparison with January housing market experienced growth in the share offer monolithic housing "business" and "comfort" class, while there has been a decline in the panel of economy class housing.

Relative to the previous month sentence structure at a cost of 1 square meter did not change significantly. However, it is worth noting the reduction in supply in the lower price segment (up to 100 000 rubles per 1 square meter) by almost a third of that is due to upward trend in prices of new building, as well as a high stage of readiness of the majority of them.

The largest share in the structure of the sentence served price range from 100 000 to 150 000 rubles, its share was 45%.

39% of the share offer was concentrated in a price range between 150 and 000 to 200 000 rubles per 1 sq.m.

11% were in the most expensive price range from 200 000 to 250 000 rubles per 1 sq.m.

And only 5% of the share was the most affordable deals with the cost of 1 sq. m. 100 000.

The aggregate level of demand in February 2011 rose by 14%. In this case, according to the analytical department of company "NDV-estate", the most notable increase in consumer interest in the segment was one-bedroom apartments, an increase of 20%.

The structure of demand for room in February compared with January, has not undergone any obvious changes.

As in the previous month, the greatest demand studio apartments. Proportion of requests for this type of apartments was 50%.

Second place in the distribution of demand for room occupied two-bedroom apartments, the percentage of requests was at 35%.

Three rooms and other multi-room apartments enjoy the lowest interest, their share was 14% and 1% respectively.

On the market of new buildings in February 2011 saw an increase of cost of 1 sq. m in both dollar and the ruble equivalent.

Price of 1 sq. m in national currency amounted to 157,200, with an increase from the previous month was 2%. Price / sq.m in the U.S. stood at 5,364, with an increase of 4,1%.

Average price of 1 square meter in new "business" class in February was about 182,000 rubles. Price sq ft in the complexes of "comfort" of the class was at 127,000 rubles. In new "economy" class, it was about 116,500 rubles.

The most significant price increases over the previous month was recorded in the class of "economy" (by 8,2%).

CEO of NDV-estate "Khrustalev Alexander said:" During February 2011 the market of new Moscow continued the trend of revitalization. There has been a simultaneous increase in supply and demand, in addition due to the revival of pent-up demand, formed during the holidays. Housing prices also showed growth, the most noticeable impact on raising the cost of economy class housing. In addition, in February there was a trend of increasing demand for studio apartments, which may indicate an increase in investment attractiveness of real estate. "

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