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Real Estate Market Analysis | The land market is Situation in the land market in 2010 could be called complete calm: the spring boom did not happen by mid-summer sales have begun to take positions. And finally, with a relatively small price adjustment proposal, the amount of actual transactions decreased by 15-20%.

"Lower prices continue in all segments of the suburban market - from 2009 until the autumn of 2010. The most noticeable decrease in the cost of expensive objects business-class ", - said Victor Basov, Deputy Director General for suburban real estate LLC Aventine Real Estate. "The price for the season is gradually falling down and the evaluation of objects was purely individual character", - stressed and Andrew Umansky, director of suburban real estate, Academy of Sciences "Bekar". "With the suburban real estate market virtually disappeared buyers who purchase items for investment purposes", - said Victor Basov. The share of buyers, purchasing land for the construction for their own needs - 90-95%, and the percentage of investment purchases are very small.

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As a result, judging by the end of the year, were in demand in the main the most inexpensive items - for example, from mid-summer 2010, more or less actively followed the deal with cheap gardening. "Plots for sale 10.8 acres, - said Stanislav Azatsky, director of Adveks. Residential Real Estate. " - The most active sales - in Vsevolozhsk (Danube), Gatchina (Siverskaya, Vyritsa) areas. " But "saving" the buyer because of the abundance of proposals legible no worse than the "elite": the species factor plays an increasingly important role even in this case, the lowest cost, segment. Fell to a remote interest "southern" Horticulture - Mshinskoy, Divenskoy etc. came to naught sale in arrays under Pavlovsk: the buyer, planning to build villas, selects the natural environment, rather than proximity to the city. It is better to travel 70-80 km to the north of the city and buy a 600-800 thousand rubles. plot near the forest - is the consensus opinion of potential vacationers.

In the Gaza IZHS also most needed areas of moderate value, from 1.5 to 2 million rubles. And the demand for them was quite stable. Thus, in the past season a good sell plots in Volosovsky area - at a price of 40-45 rubles. per hundred square meters, with painted gas and electricity. Attention has not been set aside Tosnensky district, where over 2 million rubles. You can buy a plot with the house being demolished, providing not only the earth with communications, but also the possibility of registration in the Leningrad region. Very interesting Gatchina and Kirov regions, located close to St. Petersburg. If the proposed site with good locations, the price may rise to 3 million rubles. But Kingisepp and Volkhov areas where real estate brokers have noted activity in 2009 and in 2010 again dropped out of sight of customers. Some interest exists only to land on the shore of Lake Ladoga (Volkhov district) at a cost of 300-500 thousand per site.

However, they do not converge
A separate group of buyers - those who expect to acquire land in Vsevolozhsk and Vyborg districts of the region or in the vicinity of Pushkin. Here, buyers are willing to consider offers worth up to 8.6 million rubles. per site. However, the seller and the buyer rarely converge in price - according to Stanislav Azatskogo, asking prices are still quite strongly disagree with the customer's expectations. In the same Vsevolozhsky and the Vyborg district, "the six millionth" sites offer an average of one and a half times more expensive. The Pushkin district, near Pavlovsk client is willing to consider offers worth up to 4.5 million rubles. for an empty plot or 6.7 million - for land with an old house being demolished. And the sellers offer mostly private habitation sites with old houses of 10-12 million rubles. A similar situation not only in the secondary market, but with lots of cottage settlements: the buyer would not mind to put 10.9 million for the land with utilities in the protected village, owned by the developer, but the availability of these sites starts from 12 million rubles.

Proposal for a year at times exceeded demand, whereby the exposure time plots has increased. "It is very difficult to determine the average exposure time of land allotment - it all depends on its location and cost. Proper assessment of the land provides an opportunity for six months to implement this object ", - says Andrey Umansky. At the same views on the interesting objects are almost every weekend, and the buyer can return to the same site for five or six times. In "Adveks" give an example, when an agent went to the show 40 times - fortunately, the transaction is ultimately still held ... Since the new year, said Stanislav Azatsky actively start viewing the resort area, but deals have not been concluded.

Agricultural land have left the market
Deals with large plot of agricultural land in the past year almost was not. "After rumors that the Regional Development Ministry plans to a special law limiting the use of agricultural land, the market has virtually collapsed", - said Andrei Umansky. "The market for large tracts of agricultural land (from a few hectares), pending the entry into force of changes in legislation relating to agricultural land, almost completely stopped - confirms the view colleagues Victor Basov. - However, the demand for land in cottage settlements with the status of DNP (dacha non-commercial partnership), located on agricultural lands, almost did not react to future changes in legislation. Obviously, both citizens and developers are hoping that the registration of houses in such areas still find its legislative solution. "

Proposal of large tracts has accumulated in the listings of agencies without movement. Conventionally, it can be divided into two parts. First - farms. Often it is not just an empty plot of land, and the present economy with the developed fields and equipment. Prices for these sites vary, but usually they are very, very low: 30-40 ha can be bought for 1,5-2 million other case - offers fairly large areas (an area of 15-20 hectares), which were formed as a result of buy farm shares by private individuals, legal agencies, or firms reshivshimi try themselves in the field of development. However, the price of such sites is usually quite high - although today's sellers often getting any little gift. The result - the buyers and sellers can not converge in price. "We had a specific request from the development company that was ready to buy a hectare of land in resort areas, but about 50% cheaper than all the proposals that we could find" - said Stanislav Azatsky. Today, the owner of the site somewhere in the Gatchina or the Lomonosov district often wants to bail out $ 600-700 for a hundred. But in the current market situation to get this price is impossible. Maximum price - about 15 thousand rubles. per hundred square meters, with good location and availability of the site. And far from the city's southern and eastern regions - for example, the distal portion Tosnensky or Luga, recommended realtors value of land weave is and does $ 100-200. And a real bargain, even at these prices, for the year can be counted on the fingers. "We proposed sites in the Luga district with 10 thousand rubles. for a hundred - says Stanislav Azatsky. - The sale of seven lots were put up by one landowner. The buyer is not found - do not know what to do with these sites further. "

Many companies with similar land assets during the year shifted to the implementation of the land to the final consumer - that is engaged in carrying out land surveying and sale of retail sites under construction. With this, in particular, is linked to market for new settlements, in which the proposed format of the plots without a contract. "

Why wait for the new season?

Andrej Umansky,
Director of the Department of suburban real estate, Academy of Sciences "Bekar":
- Despite the fact that 2010 was worse than 2009 are still on the market began to appear real buyers who buy country real estate under construction for its own use and not for investment. The new 2011-th year has started more lively than the last. This refers to the segment of economy and business class. In the elite class at the moment has not changed. This can be explained by the fact that potential buyers are still asking prices and analyze the situation on the market this year.

Victor Basov,
Deputy Director General for suburban real estate LLC Aventine Real Estate:
- We should expect current trends. Because the suburban real estate is usually in addition to the city, but not the object of prime necessity, relatively low market activity will continue throughout 2011. The land market will be in demand sites with utilities for self-development - a new cottage villages, inhabited localities, and gardening. The big advantage is the availability of natural gas.

Stanislav Azatsky,
Director of Adveks. Residential Real Estate:
- Season Sales of individual plots will open no earlier than April, and the reasons for the rise in prices this year, I do not see. Maximum attention will be focused on areas of individual house building, suitable for self-development, on the principle of "buy cheap land and build a house for a million." This is really real - a man who is able to monitor the construction site itself, can buy land, for example, in the resort area, with 7 million, to build a house for another 5 million - and win, as the finished homes are worth about 20-25 million rubles.
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