The housing market in the capital stopped

12.07.2011 16:42
Real Estate Market Analysis | The housing market in the capital stopped Based on past June, the traditional summer lull in the capital's property market into its own is not yet. The first month of summer was even more active in May. Thus, according to the Academy of Sciences SV Realty, in June on the secondary market were sold in 1050 apartments, and in May - 930 (in the last pre-crisis 2007 per month on average, performed more than 1,600 such transactions), writes today.

The number of transactions grew by the month since the beginning of the year, but if you take the first half as a whole, the secondary market, it has been more sluggish than last year, according to the Academy of Sciences SV Realty, for the first six months of this year, "secondary housing" sold out 4547 apartments and last year - 4930. This is largely due to the fact that most of the buyers and sellers simply can not agree on the prices at which some are ready to sell, and second - are able to buy.

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"Prices in the last few months of stable, - the director of the Academy" Optimum Plus "Yuri Bazelinsky. - There were only slight fluctuations. " According to observations by the same director of realty company "Golden Gate" by Alexei Holmetskogo, if the last six months and was the reduction in the bid prices, only the so-called "illiquid", that is no demand for housing. As for the actual sales prices in the secondary market, then, according to company SV Development, for the first half on average, they even grew slightly - by 1.28%.

During the same month the average price unless varied within the statistical error. At the same time those who really need to sell, sometimes are willing to "go down" to an unprecedented low prices. Thus, the "Today" managed to find a one-room renovation requires Khrushchev at Otradnoe for which requested $ 23.5 thousand, and after bargaining and agreed on $ 23 thousand.

In a little more fair condition at Khrushchev DVRZ our colleagues offered for $ 24,000. However, these proposals are extremely rare. "Even for a small" gostinok "in bad neighborhoods prices usually start at $ 34 thousand, - says Alexey Holmetsky. - Sometimes you can find for $ 30 thousand. " But $ 24,000 for a single grade apartments, according to experts - is already almost out of science fiction.

"Primary organizations" comes to life
But housing in new buildings bought much more active: in the last year for half a year, according to SV Realty, found their owners in 1070 apartments, and in this - is 1968. In June 613 apartments have been sold (in May - 560). This growth is due, firstly, the intensification of developers, about one-third increased their offer apartments for six months on the market.

Secondly, according to a leading specialist company SV Development Kostetskii Sergei, this is due to people's confidence in the resumption of construction companies. "And interestingly enough - said the expert - a lot of apartments, more than 50%, bought at the stage of the basement, where they are available cheaper than in the later stages of development. And just recently purchased apartments in newly built or just about built houses. "

Without intrigues
From the foreseeable future, real estate experts we surveyed do not expect any major changes. "In the summer we did not expect, - says Yuri Bazelinsky. - July-August, will be fairly inactive for months. " And the traditional "fall revival" is also most likely will not bring any significant growth in activity, nor, moreover, higher prices (cheaper version of a sharp housing is not even considered - there is no reason for it, unless there is some kind of economic disasters). People just do not buy that at the apartment, and this situation in the near future can not change. "We anticipate that 2012 will be difficult for Ukraine, - says Alexei Holmetsky. - Wait for the real estate appreciation is stupid. All will remain in place. "


One Bedroom

$ 35 000 - hem. rn, st. Megeve, 18/13/4
$ 35 000 - Saul. rn, st. Shepeleva, 22/12/4
$ 36 000 - Hypocrites. rn, st. Dobrokhotov, 22/12/4

A month ago, was the most affordable Dormitory $ 29 thousand


$ 45 000 - Dnipro. rn, st. Zaporozhets, 45/35/8
$ 47 000 - Dnipro. rn, st. Alma-Ata, 42/27/7
$ 50 000 - Shevchenko. rn, trans. Ussuri, 44/29/6

A month ago, was the most affordable "Xruschevka" Svjatoshynskyi in the district of $ 47 per thousand


$ 55 000 - Darnitsa. district, Kharkiv highway, 62/43/7
$ 60 000 - Solomenskyi district, st. Belgorod, 55/38/5
$ 60 000 - Desnianskyi district, etc. Mayakovsky, 66/44/9

A month ago - for $ 60 thousand in the Shevchenko district of


Recently, in the treasury of hope for the revival of the mass fraction of the mortgage has been added to optimism - the State Mortgage Institution (SMI) has announced that from July 1, 2011 it returned to active operations to refinance mortgages on the secondary market. The refinancing rate (at which the SMI allows banks to borrow money) now amounts to 11% per annum, and the banks to lend to recommend population at a rate no higher than 14-15%, up to 30 years.

However, according to President of the Ukrainian think tank Alexander Okhrimenko, no answer to the most important question: where will the SMI money to refinance? ". Because even to feel the real estate market at least some changes, the volume of refinancing should be a minimum of 1 billion USD. per year. At the same SMI specific amount of refinancing, which can be expected this year, do not call.

"Sell Houses FOR 2 DAYS"

At a time when real estate deals are still done very little story from Kiev Tatiana doubly interesting: she was able to find a buyer for its kopeck piece in just 2 days. "And this despite the fact that the apartment - second-hand. On the second floor of a 40-year home, without a balcony, with a 5-foot kitchen, and generally without any repairs. But - in a very good location, just 15 minutes walk from the Palace "Ukraine". I exposed it at an average price for our area - for $ 100 thousand.

Posted a message directly to all the sites with ads for the sale of real estate, as well as son posted it on all social networks. And just think: the information posted hours for 4 days and at night they called me for 3 customers, and the next day were reviewed. Two said they liked the apartment, but the transaction can take place within a month and a half: they took a mortgage with the bank, and applications are now considered a very long time.

A third buyer was willing to give money tomorrow, but on condition that pour down the price to at least 98 thousand dollars. For me the 2000 special weather did not, so I agreed to this bargain. As it turned out, the guy bought an apartment for his parents. He lived in the same house, where I sold the apartment, and wanted little old parents have been closer. So has sold two-bedroom apartment somewhere on Troyeschina and bought our own.

I now plan to invest the money in construction. Son for 21 years, will soon fly from the nest. Chosen for him a great one-bedroom apartment of 54 square meters in a modern residential complex: close to park, 2 metro stations - "Goloseevskaya" and "Demeevskaya." True, it is necessary to our 98 thousand dollar credit to take another thousand 20. But for us it is important that we have sold an apartment in an old house and buy now in the new. I think this is a good investment. "


The rental market in June pleased activity. When in May, according to the Academy of Sciences SV Realty, has been deposited with 1240 apartments, in June - already 1360. On the whole, this year looks better than the previous one: for the first half gave up 5643 flats, and the first six months of 2010 - 4500. "The rental market is vibrant life, - says Alexei Holmetsky. - At least compared to what's happening with sales. " Even the notorious summer lull in this activity did not hurt. "Move out students, but come to applicants, - said Holmetsky. - So it has remained at approximately the same level. " Activity, however, does not impact on prices: in June they have not changed, and for six months, according to SV Development, rose by only 1.17%.

SERVICE lame. Paradoxically, many prospective tenants are complaining about the indifference of estate agents. "Apply to the agency is useless to look for cheap apartments, they are not ready - shares his experience Anton Avramenko. - I ask whether and find me here with such and such requirements? Of course. Write down my number and never called back. And not even phoned the realtor, which I addressed "an acquaintance". As explained Anton realtors themselves, they have "a lot of calls."

IMPORTANT - Do not rush.

Olga flap in the winter looking for an apartment in the area Karavaevy Duch, the child can go to school himself - the main thing was to move to a new school year. Its budget is not allowed to spend on rent for more than 3 thousand UAH. Realtor showed her the various options for the money, but the apartments have been completely "dead", that their owners did not want to deal with. And then phoned friends who have learned that some of their relatives rent a good apartment.

So, Olga moved to "kopeck piece" for three thousand - all for 300 USD. higher than previously paid for "unity." By similar scenario found shelter and Anton. For several months he tried to convince realtors that over 3.5 ths. (Critical for a sum) in areas close to the center, you can find only "killed" Dormitory. Then followed a familiar ring - they say, released a nice apartment near the center. And Anton was over 3.5 thousand "kopeck piece" with separate rooms.

Since late August, experts expect predosennee recovery associated with the search for apartments for students. But, according to Alexei Holmetskogo, the real price increase is not cause. Sergey Kostecki explains, will "wash out" the cheapest offers on the market. And after a couple of months everything will come back "full circle".


In June, the earth in the Kiev region continued to fall in price. According to the company SV Development, in June the cost of land plots for individual building in the Kiev region fell within 1.27%, and for six months, this price reduction was 3.67%.

"What is happening in the land - a very sad, - says Alexei Holmetsky. - The land is now worth outrageously cheap, and it still does not buy one. Now we see how earlier was inflated land market speculators - 80% of the plots bought it for speculation. Speculators left the market - there is nothing to do, but the real buyers harder to find than a needle in a haystack. "

Sale now practically only the most attractive price. And sometimes sold as well. Tatiana Egorova little over a year ago, acquired 10 acres for construction in the cottage in Yasnogorodka Makarov district, 28 km from Kiev. "Our 56 sites from the" first stage "of the town bought up literally everything in three months. This year marked out with another fifty sites - and many of them are already sold. The prices are the same as a year ago. "

In the same area a "sea" of sites that simply can not sell because they asked for one and a half times or two more. "I am inclined to think that the market will land softly," come down ", - says Sergey Kostecki. - Too much competition among the vendors. " Therefore, the expert said, the current rate of "creep" prices will continue into the future, and even more accelerated.

With houses animations. With regard to country houses, their relationships with customers more favorable. "Houses are sold, and even quite good - said Alexei Holmetsky. - Of course, sold the best and cheapest. " Interest in the home, in the absence of demand for parts specialists explain what they have built today is expensive, it is better to pick up the finished house. And choice is what. "Already you can find houses under 180" squares "in the range of $ 120 thousand is about 20 km from Kiev - in the same area Vasylkivska" - gives an example Holmetsky.

The presence of a small but steady demand, stimulates smooth rise in prices of houses. Thus, according to company SV Development, in June the average cost of individual houses in the Kiev region grew by 1.04% (in Kyiv - 1.79%), and for six months - to 2.52% (in the capital - on 2 , 99%). According to Sergei Kostetskii, these trends will continue and continue, but that homes built before 2005 (before the widespread introduction of new technologies and materials) might be a little cheaper.

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