The house in Kiev: pluses and minuses

20.09.2011 07:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | The house in Kiev: pluses and minuses For years, developers advertise a country lifestyle in a beautiful and well-kept cottage town. However, in order to become the master of a cottage, not necessarily to travel outside of Kiev. Indeed, even within the capital city is a lot of cottage settlements.

Obvious advantages

According to consulting company "RealEkspo" in Kiev has 21 cottage 12 was built, 5 and 4 under construction projects. The emergence of so many towns in the capital due to demand. After all, his own house in the city - is the most attractive offer on the market houses and cottages.

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"Globally, there are two concepts of cottage towns - urban and suburban, said Sergei Samusev, president of" Golden Gate "(developer cottage" Konyk "). Urban concept provides the location within the city, as well as close proximity to the social, commercial, entertainment, business infrastructure of the city. Country concept offers more peace and quiet, often without the actual and psychological, while further away from the city. Diverse needs and for the life of every individual or the individual family determines the subjective relevance of a concept. Ideally, if the characteristics of urban life, its convenience and advantages of the miraculous combined with the advantages of outdoor life. Sales contribute to the harmonious combination of outdoor life in the city. "
However, you first need to decide on another matter. "Buyer must first answer the question he needed the dacha for the weekend holiday or a full replacement of the apartment, said Claudia Bondarev, director of the FSK" Pagoda "(developer cottage" Fairy Tale "). By giving as a seasonal residence, the requirements are low, it can be located anywhere and in any away, not even in the cottage. But if the house is chosen for permanent residence is an important criterion of choice is Dr TransportThe availability of. This is especially significant for those buyers who tries to keep moving at your lifestyle, for example, for families with children. Obviously, the location of the cottage is crucial when choosing a home. "
Acquisition of homes in Kiev has the advantages of both before buying similar projects in the country and city apartment. As rightly pointed out by S. Samusev, first of all it's social benefits of convenience and sophistication of the transport, welfare (hospitals, kindergartens, schools, hospitals), shopping and entertainment infrastructure. It is also very important business benefits - travel time, directly involved in the business life of the city, access to all communications. Finally, do not forget about the benefits of investment - investment in land with a house in the same cottage house in Kiev on the order of more reliable and secure.
Buying a home in the cottage within Kiev also has advantages over the capital's home: their own land, own private territory, nature, fresh air, if you're lucky - the forest or pond, its engineering, consumer, service, security and entertainment infrastructure.
But do not think that buying a house in the cottage in Kiev has only positives. As rightly pointed out Victor Kovalenko, the director of "RealEkspo" significant disadvantage is that the cost of housing and services in the cottage on the order of magnitude higher than in a city apartment. So according to the company "RealEkspo" on September 7, the minimum cost of housing is fixed in the town, "Lower Gardens" ($ 800 per square. M) and the maximum in-built campus' Residence Timiryazevskaya "($ 6,000 per square meter. M). As far as the average cost of square meters. m in the cottage of the capital, it is $ 1905, which is 12% lower compared with January 2011.
It is also worth adding that the buyer at home in the cottage in the capital is faced with certain risks, which we discuss below.

City to City
Capital ykRain is so rich in social infrastructure, which is only its transfer will take a long time. Not surprisingly, many developers of cottage townships ("Sovskie ponds," "capital city", "Lower Gardens", "Diplomat", "Country Complex", "estate in Osokorki", "Elite urban villa," "Home Comfort", " Family, "" Desnyansky ") refused to own infrastructure. After all, the inhabitants of these villages can benefit from various infrastructure before Kiev.
But most developers have provided for themselves a particular infrastructure. So in the villages, "Forest Eden" (built in 500 m from the CP on the highway Brest-Litovsk in health-resort zone), "Residence Timiryazevskaya" (located near the Botanical Garden) and "Vozdvizhenka" provides only a playground. In the towns' Energobudlizing "built shopping and sports complexes, swimming pool and sauna.
Extensive infrastructure is provided in the campus club "Fairy Tale" (but outside of a residential zone). There are trade and service complex, including: a convenience store, beauty salon, the reception desk, laundry and dry cleaning, gym, medical center, "Phoenix" family doctor with a clinic, the town residents, leisure club, which included a coffee shop, a restaurant with a banquet hall , a billiards room with bar, cooking, children's play complex, washing car, home security, service manual, car parking for guests. The planned second phase of infrastructure: the shop, kindergarten, fitness center, a pharmacy, a tennis court, volleyball court (in the winter - skating rink).
On campus, "Konyk" held gardening, walking area with undeveloped playground, recreation area, barbecue, pergola. In the near future will be built sports and a shopping mall, the promenade with pedestrian zone. All the houses in the village "Konyk" built - readiness in general, about 90%, some 100% home furnishing and decor. There are plans to build townhouses, their sales will begin at the time of maximum readinessto minimize the risk of buyers. A total of 58 town houses are for sale - 10.

Risks remain
But despite the obvious benefits, the acquisition of housing in the cottage within the capital has its risks.
Buyers of apartments in the capital of species high-rise buildings were paid large sums for the scenic view from the window. But after a year or two, grew up near living block, which is obscured by a picturesque view. To just claims buyers developer posted this: "We can not answer for the actions of municipal authorities, who permitted the construction of skyscrapers in the neighborhood."
Naturally, buying property in such a cottage house, buyers are hoping that next appears in high-rise. It is hardly possible to speak about the advantages of living in the cottage, which is surrounded on all sides by urban high-rises.
"Our cottage is surrounded by protected area - Theophany, where construction is severely restricted and regulated by the height of building regulations - no higher than 3 stories, Bondarev said Claudia, director of the FSC" Pagoda ". Therefore, we believe that that the environment will be preserved. "
However, not all developers are so confident. "Do not just evaluate what does not depend on us 100%, recognizes S. Samusev. - But in recent years, no one in the ruling structures of such "global" projects were not approved and sanctioned. "
"Yes, the risk of erecting high-rise building next to the cottage town is quite possible," says CEO, managing partner of the South Caucasus "Legal guild" Victoriano "Victor Moroz.
However, this is not the only risk. "Often the risks when purchasing homes in the cottage are associated with the legal rights to the land seller, rather, with their non-compliance with Ukrainian legislation, says S. Samusev. In the cottage town "Konyk 'land ownership is confirmed by the relevant government acts with the purpose for individual housing construction."
"First of all, you should payattention to compliance with purpose of land on which the cottage is acquired under the legislation for a similar purpose, namely, "for the construction, deployment and maintenance of houses, farm buildings and garage building", says Moroz. Also be aware of the legal title of land, namely the fact of who owns it and how is possible to further re-registration of ownership to the buyer. On a number of land located within the boundaries of Kiev have restrictions on the use that should also be taken into account. In addition, since Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, in the planning and building areas are also a number of requirements, implementation of which is displayed directly on the selection of the architectural forms of houses in the cottage, as well as the demands made in the construction of homes. "
"Risky to buy a house at the design stage, when the house is not sold, and the picture, says S. Samusev. Here, you risk being left without a home or move into a house in an unscheduled time. See and evaluate the quality of the purchased home, you can not in the picture or the project, and directly in the cottage "Konyk" are all sold homes are built. "
However, this risk does not end there. "Because we worked very carefully on the project for several years and have fulfilled all the requirements for permitting, creation of quality from a technical and emotional point of view of the product, we can see for yourself just one risk - the availability of full funding, it is recognized C. Bondarev. We are now discussing the possibility of attracting financial resources for the entire project, not to depend on sales, and quietly finish the facility for available funds. And, of course, like all other developers, we can not exclude political risks. "
However, given the benefits of living in a house in the cottage within the boundaries of the capital, the risk - it noble.

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