The growth of prices and supply in the market of new buildings in Kiev continues

04.02.2018 00:15
Real Estate Market Analysis | The growth of prices and supply in the market of new buildings in Kiev continues In January 2018, compared to the previous month, the average cost per square meter of housing in new buildings in Kyiv increased by 1.1% to 23 thousand 984 UAH. This in its monthly review of the market situation, analysts portal The most significant increase in average prices for apartments in the cheapest and most expensive segments. So, in the economy class, growth was 1.4% to 17 thousand 630 UAH. for the square. m. In the comfort class, average prices increased by 0.4% to 21 thousand 724 UAH. for the square. In the business class, the square meter, on average, went up by 0.8% to 32 thousand 913 UAH. And in the premium segment, the growth is most noticeable - by 1.5% to 49 thousand 861 UAH. for the "square".

Also, the upward trend in the level of supply in the primary housing market in Kiev - the number of LCDs in which developers offer to sell apartments. In January, offered apartments in 198 LCD from 72 operators, according to the database These include both unfinished construction projects and unrealized apartments in houses that have been put into operation.

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Over the past month, sales of apartments in 3 residential complexes have been started or restored. Suspended sales of apartments in 2 buildings.

Earlier it was reported about the review of the market of new buildings in Kiev in January 2018.
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