The exodus in economy class

29.12.2010 07:32
Real Estate Market Analysis | The exodus in economy class Participants count the scant suburban market profits and build a tentative plan for the uncertain future. The main trend of the last season - a sharp increase in real estate development and buying activity in the segment of economy class.

The share of cheap deals on a suburban market continues to grow. According to ARIN, as part of the proposal displayed on the market in January-September 2010, 57% can be attributed to a segment of "economy". Still popular sale without a contract. (41% in the proposal, according to Petersburg Real Estate). "Another trend: More and more new projects comes from the minimum area of buildings - up to 50-60 meters This also reduces the cost of the final cost objects "- explains Zosia Zakharov, head of analytical research ARIN.

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In the sales started coming plots without a contract in 140-150 km from the city. Before the crisis, these territories - Luga, Kingisepp, Boksitogorsky Volkhovsky districts of Leningrad region - were considered boring and futile. A 6 hectare site where you can buy for 120,000 rubles. Engineering, however, have to pay separately - it will add to the cost of weave another 50-80 thousand rubles. But as long as the determining factor is the budget "home" deals. Citizens prefer to stretch the payments, developers have to go to meet them.

"To live like - not so raskoryachishsya" - this kinotsitata quite accurately describes the state of the market on the decline of the season for active sales. However, as analysts note, the budget projects are and not far from St. Petersburg: for example, about 20 km from the city areas are offered in an organized building of 40,000 rubles. for a hundred ("Manor Volkovitsy).

According to the same Association of Realtors, in 2010 75% of transactions were in areas without a contract. According to experts of "Bee Hai Invest more than 60% of potential buyers are planning for the next two years to buy a house property worth up to 5 million rubles.

Buy plots just for myself, not to invest. Most clients are planning to erect houses on their own, involving Brigade shabashniks "from neighboring states. Inevitable shortcomings of this building will swim reducing costs.

It is easy to assume that a wholesale commitment to saving a year or two will result in negative: "Shanghai" a type of building, uncertain delivery dates, delays in connecting networks, and so on. Programmed development difficulties inevitably have an impact on the reputation of suburban construction in general - word of mouth has not been canceled.

Against this backdrop, more attractive look complex projects, to which fellow developers a year ago treated very skeptically. In the project "Kivennapa", which is situated 39 kilometers from the Ring Road along the Scandinavian countries, the minimum cost of panel frame cottage with a plot of 6 hundred parts - 3,6 million rubles. Duplex area of 44.5 "square" will cost 2.2 million rubles. Base price studio apartments - 1.3 million rubles, "unity" - 1,8 million rubles. 2.3 transactions per month in the first half, from mid-year - a marked increase: 10-13 transactions a month. Of course, for the project, designed nearly 600 homes, a little bit, but still the pace of sales in two to three times higher than that of most competitors.

Company Start-Development, which builds complex "Golden Keys" to the south, focuses on the price of 40 thousand rubles per square meter. The developer, having land reserves of about 3000 hectares, promises to cover the area south of Petersburg, a thick layer of cheap maloetazhki: in sum, he suggests for 12-15 years to build 8 million square meters The pilot project on 33 ha should see 534 houses. Build them will be on panel-frame technology. Promised and the provisions of infrastructure: kindergarten, shop, play and sport grounds.

Most miniature housing - townhouses at 54-55 "squares" with sections in 1,5 weave, there are suggestions poprostornee - by 62-64 square meters. m 1,5-2 weave. Minimum price for the section - 2,2 million rubles. Duplexes are more expensive - about 3 million rubles per 74 sq.m with 2,5 hundred square meters of land. The most spacious version - cottages 88 m?, or 97 square. m with an allotment of 3-4 weave. They offer at least 3.6 million rubles.

Today it is - the lower the threshold for economy-class housing, that is - a guide for rivals. "Whatever the economic situation, demand in the segment of the economy class will always be much higher than in the" business "and" elite ". We set ourselves the goal to create not certain suburban towns, and full low-rise suburban areas. Mass allows us to keep low prices ", - says Olga Ponomareva, marketing director of Start Development.

Demand for suburban market remains low, and the factors that could provoke a serious growth, while not visible. Perhaps somewhat more successful will be those projects that have managed to interest banks (an arrangement with the Master-Bank "from the organizers of the project" Peter's Gardens ", submitted loans homeownership in Okhtinskaya Valley, is in talks with financiers and" Start-Development ).

Possibly in February or March, when the period ends high ("crisis") interest rates on deposits, some free money citizens have somewhere to throw out - and this part may well be shifted to the housing market. But to really qualify for savings of citizens, developers will have to seriously dodge. That is: to offer business-class option (metropolitan area networks, interesting layout, etc.) on an economy price. Otherwise, the successful sales count is unrealistic.
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