The demand for rental villas near Kharkov fell significantly

25.05.2010 17:28
Real Estate Market Analysis | The demand for rental villas near Kharkov fell significantly
In 2010, the number of people willing to rent a house in the suburbs of Kharkov decreased by 10-15% compared with last year of crisis, writes the Business capital.
Said an expert on the local real estate EA Crohn Sergey Morozov.
According to him, if in the past years the citizens were taken to look for a removable cottage at the end of winter, this season applications started to arrive only at the beginning of April. "Because of declining well-being, even the most modest houses in the suburbs cost 400-600 USD. Kharkovites month many can not afford it" - he said.
Head of Analytical Services Group Proconsul Victoria Karatanov said that the demand and supply of removable houses on the periphery of Kharkov and in the suburbs is very low. "This is partly explained and the relatively small number of holiday villages in the suburbs (of no more than 10-15)," - she says.

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"Sluggish movement in the market are not allowed to defrost prices. Rents are kept at last year's level, although in the beginning of the season, some owners expressed their desire to raise them at 10-15%", - stated in the material.
According to experts, the most popular among those who still decided this year to take out a family on the nature, enjoy the villages located within a radius of 10-20 km from the city on the banks of reservoirs: Vyalovskogo, Travyanskogo Murom and reservoirs, rivers Seversky Donets, Uda and Mzha. "Long-term lease of the old brick house built (area up to 100 square meters. M), with facilities in the area of 6-8 hectare is 600 UAH. Month. Cottage, located outside recreational areas, will cost 200 USD. Cheaper, but willing to settle in steppe zone, even for relatively little money a little bit. The most expensive homes (from 1100 UAH. a month.) in the settlement of Old Saltov, where there is a way to Pechenezke Reservoir ", - noted in the material.
At last year's level, and froze the cost of selling villas in the property. According to the owner EA Exclusive Realty-Eugenia Sanin, expected in the spring surge in demand from potential buyers in the current year has not happened. A few customers are looking for possible cheaper options - up to $ 10-15 thousand, "Even middle-class people who had previously tried to buy a ready to move in the object, are now searching for the best possible options for cheap, hoping that later will bring up the house to fit their standards" - adds Morozov.
"For the $ 10-15 thousand in the suburbs of Kharkov is available giving the old building area of 30-50 square meters. M without the amenities in the area of 6 hectare in one of the cooperatives in a radius of 15 km from the city limits. Most of Kharkov want the ability to buy a house in one of the settlements in Belgorod (Cherkasy-Lozovaja, Russian-Lozovaja) or Lipetsk (Lipce, Tsirkuni, Tishkov) areas, where many forests and lakes. Those who want to save even more are beginning to consider the options within a radius of 30-60 km from the city that previously extremely rare. The houses located at a distance, offered for sale from $ 5 thousand, "- noted in the material.
As previously reported, the market rental of real estate near Kiev is enjoying unprecedented demand for summer houses in the villages.

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