The demand for cottages near Kiev falls

06.04.2012 01:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | The demand for cottages near Kiev falls Director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko commented on the situation on the market of cottage settlements of Kyiv region.

- The situation in the suburban real estate market, and in particular the market of cottage townships Kiev region, and the whole country, is not encouraging.
Since the beginning of the year sharply reduced the demand for the purchase of houses in the cottage of the Kiev region.

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Are there any new trends in the development of suburban housing market? If so, what?
-Among the new trends include reduction of area homes and land in the new cottage, and cost reduction in new projects.

Is there a consumer demand? There was a seasonal increase in activity?
-The demand is minimal and, despite the arrival of spring activity in the market of cottage townships are not observed.

What is the cost for which is now ready buyers to purchase housing in the countryside?
Starting from 60-thousand dollars and ending with $ 1 million depending on location, distance from Kiev, the size of the site and home ownership, quality of materials, infrastructure, etc.

What is the real in the Kiev region cottage villages "live" and populated?
-According to the consulting company "RealEkspo" as of April 1 in the database of our portal has 296 campuses: the 102 built, 99 are under construction and 92 project. Of these, 82 objects have been frozen.
99 built towns constitute 33.4% of the total villages in Kiev region

What about credit suburban housing?
Loan-market suburban housing in the full sense of the word in Ukraine does not exist. There are banks that issue mortgages on land or in the hospitality houses, but credited to the whole town-of-unit cases. As an example - "Yasnі Zorі", credited by the bank "Taurica", "Park House", credited by the Bank of Cyprus.

Viktor Kovalenko
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