The crisis - not a hindrance to new projects in the cottage real estate in Ukraine

18.09.2010 00:01
Real Estate Market Analysis | The crisis - not a hindrance to new projects in the cottage real estate in Ukraine As of September 1 in the portal has 565 cottage villages.
In the first half of 2010, according to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, entered the market 27 new projects.
13 new projects appeared in the Kiev area (read about it here).
In 3 of the draft in Crimea and Kharkov region, and 2 of the project in Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Odessa regions, 1 in Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv regions - is in the regions of Ukraine.

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Victor Kovalenko said: "In the first half of 2010 in Ukraine, a new format of cottage townships, mini-towns, built on a small area (0.5 -2.5 ha), with a small number of households (4-25 homes), an area of 35-120 square . m of environmental materials for new technologies.
As for the cost of land and the cost of 1 square meter, they also suschectvenno cheaper. Currently, the cost of the "square" in the new projects will start with 350 dollars, and weaving the earth starts from $ 1000.
Builders offer a ready-made houses, or under construction.
At the request of client developers and builders offer to sell plots with a contract and without a contract.

Today we look at more of these projects.

Star Beach

Company Pilar began construction of townhouses in the village. Orlovka Bakhchsarai area of 19 apartments ranging from 120 to 369 sq ft and the cost of the "square" of 670 dollars.

Gurzuf Life
Despite the crisis, the company Izumber began construction of an elite cottage village in an area of 1.65 ha in the village. Gurzuf, consisting of 12 cottages and 4 villas.
In sections from 4 to 16 hundred square meters will house villas ranging from 239 to 252 sq.m. Cost of 1 sq. m varies from 2000 to 3200 dollars for "square"

Golden Crimea

In the village. Black offered plots of land with a contract and without a contract from 6 to 50 hectare cost from 1500 to 4000 dollars per one hundred square meters (depending on proximity to the sea) for the construction of houses. Possible sale of finished houses from 100 to 400 sq ft worth 350-4000 dollars for a "square".

Dnipropetrovsk region
Victoria Gardens

On the outskirts of Dnipropetrovsk, in pgt.Yubileynoe planned to build 400 brick houses on plots of 5 to 20 hundred parts area of houses from 150 to 400 sq.m. The preliminary cost of 1 sq.m -1500 dollars.
Currently, there is a construction engineering services and infrastructure.
Holiday homes will be decorated with.

Donetsk Region
Net key

In the village. Karlivka Maryino district plans to build 13 houses. In sections 4 to 6 hectare planned to build a frame-panel houses ranging from 72 to 175 sq ft $ 500 dol. / sq.m.
Possible sale of land without a contract value of $ 1000 per one hundred square meters.

Clear Lake
In the village. Share Volnovakha district started construction of 53 houses (280 square meters. M) and duplexes (127-150 m) at sites from 7 to 25 hectare value of the "square" of 940 dollars.

Zaporozhye region
In the village. Dolinskoye Zaporizhia region began construction of 14 houses ranging from 328 sq ft with adjacent areas of seven hundred square meters. Cost of 1 sq. m will start with 900 dollars.

In Berdyansk str. Baranova, 12 under construction 10 homes ranging from 106 to 230 sq ft of limestone on the adjacent sites from 4 to 22 hectare cost of $ 1500 per sqm.

Lviv region
Sunny Glade

Company Trembita plans to build another cottage in the town with. Old Yarychiv Kamenko-Bug region. It will house an economy class area of 150 sq m and cost from $ 450 per "square".

Odessa Region

In with. Sanzheyka Ovidiopol district began construction of 32 buildings ranging from 150 to 280 sq ft on plots of 5 to 10 hectare with the value "square"-from $ 850.
The developer sells the same land without a contract worth weave from 8000 dollars.

Scythian Valley
In the village. Kotovs'kogo near Odessa, plans to build a town of 150 houses. Currently being sold on 10 hectare plots weave cost 2500 dollars.

Kharkiv region
In pos.Pechenegi company "Alliance Development is planned for 29 hectares of building 115 homes on plots of 10 hectare area of 150 sq.m. each

Paradise Yelenovka
In the village. Rye Yelenovka on 10,5 ha is building 77 homes ranging from 150 to 400 sq ft with a plot of 10 to 20 hectare. The cost of the "square" will start with 1000 dollars.
Investors are offered plots of land prices from 1500 to 5000 dollars / hundred part.

In Kharkov company Zhilstroy-2 "began the construction of 18 townhouse apartments. The area of homeownership varies from 148 to 205 sq ft and is "square" from 1000 to 1500 dollars.

Viktor Kovalenko
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