The countryside is losing popularity

18.10.2010 14:21
Real Estate Market Analysis | The countryside is losing popularity Over the past year in the capital, were sold about 500 houses in the civilized cottage settlements

Surviving in the Zeros
Market cottage villages ceased its rapid development: before the crisis of civilized settlements grew by leaps and bounds, and was known on more than 150 projects in various stages of implementation, but now sales are conducted only in 70-80 towns, and among them almost 70-75% of building work put on hold. The remaining towns were either withdrawn from sale, or for years without coming to the market, still remaining in the stage of designing and developing the project concept.

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The main reason for the disappearance of the past fuse with developers cottage towns - too little demand for homeownership in the country. If two years ago sold 105-110 households each month (for 2008 - 1300 households), today at the best of months, builders can realize a total of 50 households (over the past year the market was sold 500 homeownership in less than ten months of this year, 480 households) . Loss of interest from the end of real consumers to homeownership as part of the civilized cottage villages, involving not only the construction of houses, but also infrastructure, security zones, services, consumer services, etc., due to trivial: as in other segments of the Real Estate Finance and Economics crisis has hit the purchasing power of the population, which, in turn, still can not get a mortgage to buy a country house on favorable terms, and besides, the whole of last year, potential buyers were in anticipation of rapid price declines have lost their former popularity Country cottages. "Big price declines have not occurred, but this year people with money is difficult to pick a good quality and a cottage in the town, on the grounds that the latter is almost not built, and to buy bare land with a contract to build, among other unsold plots promising eternal construction site, the real buyers do not want to "- said the director of marketing company SV Development, Vladimir Stepenko.
According to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko, the demand for real buyers now gradually shifting towards more advanced projects, of which there are few on the market, predominantly economy class - which is even smaller. Thus, the draft of an economy class appears more interested in sites about 8 acres, while as before more liquid space includes 12-15 acres, and that the market offers today. Decreased and the average area of popular houses. "If earlier houses less than 200 sq.m. hardly suggested, now a bestseller are cottages ranging from 100 sq ft with good transport access, close to forests, rivers and lakes in the budget to $ 200 thousand, but such a proposal there is little in the Kiev region, especially given that buyers are watching closely as being built village, conducted a communication, whether the pull of the road "- said Mr. Kovalenko.
Thus, the pre-crisis commitment of developers to inflated prices and superlarge footage of the houses, which they plan to provide them with much greater profitability, played with them a cruel joke: the demand for most of the "bloated projects" today tends to zero, therefore, not surprising that they are frozen .

Build, not build
According to independent experts, actively building today is not conducted in any of the known and marketed towns, so we can only speak about the more intensive work than our competitors. Such works are usually in towns, the owners of which do not depend on the financial income of individuals and have other businesses and their own resources. At the same time, some of these towns do not differ loyal pricing policy, which is their main drawback. So, slow but steady and consistent construction work carried out over the last year in the cottage "Mayetok, where houses are built, regardless of buyer activity, but the average price per square meter home ownership is $ 2400 per sqm. m, compared to $ 1.33 per square. m on average in the market. To the leaders of construction experts also include towns such as "Sunbeam" (99% ready), "Solar Valley" (active work), "Severynivka" (more than 80% complete), "Ivankov (commissioned)," Michael's Garden "(active work)," Clear Dawns "(commissioned) Zoloche Club (over 90% availability), Grand Villas (45% availability), Green Hills (active work), Family House (45% availability) Park House (75% availability), Borovik (more than 40% availability) Our Mistechko (more than 30% availability), etc. (Only about 20 towns).
On the remaining floors of construction is suspended, and often the object even withdrawn from sale. So, according to Vladimir Stepenko almost completely stopped working in such previously fairly well-known and publicized campuses as "Residence Foresters», Cottage Sity in Baryshevka "Zaspa Golf," "prince", "German settlement", "Ambassadorial Gutta", " Iasnogorodski Polyana "," Sofiyivka "," Vodograi "," Fairy Valley "," Lesnaya Polyana "," Forest Lake "," Swiss Village "," Yalinka "," German settlement "," Petropavlograd "and many others.
In the cottage area "Zaspa Golf development company suspended sales of the object since decided to change the concept of the village: houses instead of an area of 600-900 square meters. m developers now intend to build houses an area of 200-400 square meters. m, in addition, will substantially reduce the cost per square meter house, which used in this project amounted to $ 3,1 thousand frozen and promises to be very prestigious project, "Residence of Foresters. According to the director of "trajectory" Irina Golovnev, thus, the practice has shown that identification of the town to "settlements millionaires" to develop appropriate concepts and acquisition of land in a prestigious location do not guarantee success. Even the involvement of foreign experts and an active advertising campaign can not always save the project, which at first glance, on all criteria, the elite category.
Naturally, to postpone indefinitely its projects and the developers, who by the beginning of the economic crisis and the crisis on the real estate market has not yet reached the stage of zero. According to Irina Golovneva is about 12 projects in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area, 8-NIL projects Obukhov district, six villages in Boryspil, six - in Brovarskom direction, six projects in the Makarov District and three project Borodyansky and Vassilkovskaya areas.
"The main reason for the suspension of the implementation of an absolute majority is already partially built and sold cottage towns is the lack of developers' financial resources and zero sales because when the townships at the height of the real estate market to market their owners were counting on the flow of financial flows for construction by the end-users or dealers ", - says Vladimir Stepenko.
Nevertheless, despite the difficulties in 2010, the market has been or is likely to be commissioned in 10/12 cottage settlements against four last year. This, according to Victor Kovalenko, Feofania Residences, Grand Villas, Family House, Happy Land, Dream Land, Montana, Severynivka, City of happiness, Zoloche Club, Sun Valley, etc.

The future belongs to small
The main buyers of houses in the civilized settlements to date, according to experts, is a family with children living in Kiev and have a significant monthly income and significant revenues. "Only Kyivites persons with monthly earnings of more than 10 thousand more than 3%, and with serious savings is much more, so that the base of potential buyers for houses of cottage settlements is very high," says Vladimir Stepenko.
Buyers prefer a home ownership in the villages, located not more than 30 km from the capital, mainly on the right bank of the edge (since it is on the right bank is home to 70% of potential customers KP) at the site of 8-15 hectare from 100 to 300 square meters. m. In this case, they are guided by fallen more than 60% since the beginning of the crisis and the prices are just some of them are interested in the possessions of the elite, who like the houses in the CG "Mayetok" may cost and $ 2.4 thousand for the quarter. m. On average, according to the company "RealEkspo" value "square" housing in a civilized town suburb of the capital is $ 1.33 million (championship at an average price of Obukhov district - $ 1.9 thousand for the quarter. m., and an outsider Baryshevsky district with the cost of the "square" $ 700 per square. m), and the average value of the "square" in the cottage within the capital - $ 2.2 million (minimum - $ 1 thousand, the maximum - $ 5.5 million). All these figures slightly (a few hundred dollars) less than six months ago, but almost 60% in dollar terms is lower than before the crisis.
Speaking about the immediate future of the civilized market of cottage settlements in the district of the capital, experts agree that its active development, above all, continue projects with a small number of households (40-60 units), the weighted price policy and an attractive location and the level of prices in the market is expected to grow by 5-15%.

Ivan Shchurko, PR-Director of UTG (Ukrainian Trade Guild):
In 2010, transactions on the suburban real estate market were a single character and I had to tend to small towns with a high degree of readiness. A slight intensification of sales was recorded only in the II quarter. In this case, significant competition the primary segment of suburban real estate amounted to a secondary market because of the wide supply of ready houses and more flexible terms loyal to their cost. Here, lower prices, there is a choice location of buildings, planning, architectural exclusivity may also purchase home repairs and even furniture. The situation is similar with home ownership in the satellite cities, where well-developed infrastructure.

Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company "RealEkspo"
In 2010, the market town real estate projects switched to economy class, with the observed mass-to-market projects, offering for sale sites without having to contract for construction, lowering the quality characteristics of projects (for example, projects without a contract and without communication), reducing the area of houses adjoining land and houses in the ongoing and planned projects. That among the buyers were the most in demand are two categories of land: either very cheap, in a certain field (because of the financial reach of most people is very limited), or something "intelligible", with finished largely infrastructure, good locations (namely, - picturesque scenery, good ecology, transport accessibility). And with a high probability of conversion of tracts of land in a residential settlement in the near future.

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