The cost of real estate in cottage settlements near Kiev decreases

13.05.2019 00:30
As of 05/11/2019 the average cost of 1 sq. m in the cottage towns of the Kiev region is UAH 16871, which is lower by 533 UAH, or 3.45%, compared to the beginning of 2019. The reasons for this: the fall of the dollar, the elections in Ukraine.

The situation in the real estate market of Ukraine has deteriorated markedly with the outbreak of hostilities and continues to deteriorate. As for the suburban real estate market, the situation is even worse than in the residential real estate market, since the cost of cottages is higher than the cost of apartments in the primary market.

Changes in prices for cottage towns of Kiev region,
January-2019 - May-2019 (according to

District            January-2019 May-2019
Bila Tserkva    10856            10035
Boryspilsky     15261            15191
Borodyansky   12325            12325
Brovarsky       14388            14289
Bucha            17002            15514
Vasilkovsky    15451             14399
Vyshgorodsky 20330            20716
Irpin             15887            15131
Kiev-Svyatoshin15900          15502
Makarovsky  11763              11444
Obukhovsky 31346              30531
Average    17404             16871

Let's compare the average cost per square meter in different types of real estate in the Kiev region:

Townhouse -13623 UAH / sq.m
Duplex -14693 UAH / sq.m
Cottage -16634 UAH / sq.m
Villa -43338 UAH / sq.m

The leader in cost per square meter in the cottage towns near Kiev is Obukhov district (30531 UAH / sq.m). In Obukhov district, the cost of the "square" from the beginning of the year decreased by 815 UAH.
The high cost in the Obukhov district is explained by its location, the presence of a large number of built luxury cottage townships.

In second place for prices in the cottage villages of the Kiev region is Vyshgorodsky district with the cost of the "square" 20716 UAH. Here, an increase of 386 UAH / sq.m from the beginning of the year.
The average price in cottage towns is influenced by several elite cottage villages under construction in the Kiev Sea region.

In third place in terms of the cost of housing in the cottage towns of the Kiev region came Bucha with a cost of 15514 UAH / sq.m. "Square" here fell to 1488 UAH. in comparison with January 2019.
In Bucha, the cost is crushed by a large number of townhouses and new buildings.

There is a large difference in the value of the "square" within one town and one type of real estate. It can reach up to 15 thousand UAH.
In general, it is not clear how the developers determine the cost. Some developers, the larger the area of ​​the house, the less cost per square meter, while others - the opposite.

The largest growth of the “square” in January-April was observed in the cottage villages of the Vyshgorodsky district (+386 UAH), and the largest drop in a square meter was noted in the cottage villages of Buchi (-1488 UAH).
The cheapest square meter in the Kiev region is the average cost of a “square” in the cottage towns of the Belotserkovsky district (UAH 10035).

The cost of housing in the cottage settlements near Kiev depends on such criteria: the closer to the city, the more expensive; the higher the level (class), the more expensive; the higher the readiness, the more expensive; the availability of infrastructure greatly affects the cost. The presence of forests, rivers, ecology also affect the cost.

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