The cost of housing in the primary market Kharkov fell by 1,8%

13.04.2011 18:04
Real Estate Market Analysis | The cost of housing in the primary market Kharkov fell by 1,8% In Kharkov, in March this year the average cost of a primary economy-class housing decreased by 1.8% compared with February and April 1 totaled 5.52 UAH per 1 sq. km. m, according to a press release of "Makrocap" (Kharkov).

Leading Specialist Group for Investor Natalia Gorodetskaya explained this momentum so that the segment of economy-class company "Zhilstroy-1 reduced the prices of almost all its facilities, the company Megainveststroy" brought to market an inexpensive object Rogan and Company Respect-bud "has reduced the cost of apartments located on the first and last floors.

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According to the report, the average cost of housing the business class in March rose by 1.8% and by April 1 totaled 9.63 UAH per 1 sq. km. m housing premium - by 2,7??%, to 15.42 UAH / apartment. m

N. Gorodetskaya noted that the cost of housing has affected the business class price increase of apartments in residential complexes "Triumph", "Garden Hill" and "Mir", while the rise in housing premium is explained by a rise in price penthouse residential complex "Mir".
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