The cost of housing in new buildings of the Kiev region in 2018 increased

04.02.2019 00:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | The cost of housing in new buildings of the Kiev region in 2018 increased The dynamics of the cost of housing in suburban residential complexes near Kiev during January-December-2018 did not differ dramatically in different areas of the Kiev region. The demand for suburban housing was higher than in Kiev, and the cost was much lower. The average cost of a “square” in new buildings in the Kiev region as of January 15, 2019, according to the suburban and foreign real estate portal, is equal to UAH 12979, which is 1205 hryvnia (10.23%) higher than in the same period of 2017.

It should be noted that the objects under construction took part in the rating and only some of the constructed complexes, in which there are still unsold apartments.

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The average cost of a “square” as of January 15, 2019 increased by UAH 152–1963 (1.15–17.63%) in all districts of the Kiev region, with the exception of the Makarov district, where the “square” fell by 580 UAH. (-5.64%).

The cheapest "square" in the new residential complexes near Kiev, which entered the market in January-December 2018, is the residential complex "Renome" in Irpen with a cost of UAH 8900, and the most expensive "square" is the club house "Bulgarian" on Sofiyevskaya Borschagovka with a cost of 23600 UAH.

According to Viktor Kovalenko, director of the consulting company RealEkspo, "the cost of new buildings is greatly affected by the readiness and location of the house. The closer to completion, the higher the cost.
Many developers at the start stage overestimate the cost, and getting sales results reduce the cost by 100-1000 UAH. per square meter.
It is difficult to understand developers: some have increased the cost in their new buildings by 300 -3500 UAH / sq. M, while others have reduced the cost by 100-3000 UAH / sq. M.
In the same complex, the difference in the "square" can vary from 200 to 5000 UAH.
The reason for this: the degree of readiness, the view from the window, the choice of the floor, the demand. ”

Picture: The cost of housing in new buildings of the Kiev region in 2018 increased

The leader in price increases in new buildings of the Kiev region is Brovarsky district. Here the cost per square meter increased during the year at 1963 UAH. or by 17.63%.
In the second place in the price increase is Boryspil district. The average cost of a “square” in the district during the year increased by UAH 1,563, or by 14.2%.
In third place in the growth of prices is Irpen. Here, the cost of the "square" has increased during the year by 1265 UAH, or 10.75%.

According to Viktor Kovalenko, "the leaders in the average cost per square meter in the Kiev region are: Vyshgorodsky district (13421 UAH.), Belotserkovsky district (13340 UAH.), Obukhovsky district (13226 UAH.)".

According to Viktor Kovalenko, “the cost per square meter in new buildings in the Kiev region depends on several factors: distance from the city of Kiev, reputation of the developer, construction stage, construction materials, as well as the availability of social, commercial, municipal infrastructure. In newly commissioned buildings, the cost per square meter may be 40-70% higher than in new buildings at the initial stage. ”

Despite the difficult political and economic situation in Ukraine, the market for suburban new buildings did not stop in its development, but continues to evolve.

Earlier it was reported that the pace of construction of new buildings near Kiev increased.

Viktor Kovalenko
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