The cost of housing in new buildings in suburbs half cheaper than in Kiev

13.01.2016 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | The cost of housing in new buildings in suburbs half cheaper than in Kiev Price dynamics in the suburban residential complexes near Kiev in January-December 2015 was characterized by a pronounced wave-like nature. The demand for suburban accommodation is higher than in Kiev, and the cost is much lower. Average cost of "square" in new buildings in the Kiev region, as of January 11, 2016 is equal to 409 dollars, which is 256 dollars less in comparison with January 2015.
On average, in the Kiev region decreased price per square meter in US dollars in 2015 to 38.49%.

The leader of the dip in prices in dollars is a Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district. Here, the price of the "square" decreased by 309 dollars, or 40.76%.

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The second highest drop in prices in dollars to the cost of Irpin is the "square" 453 dollars. During the year the price per square meter in Irpen decreased by 306 dollars (40.31%).
In third place in the fall - Volodarsky district. Here the "square" fell by $ 285, or 49.56%.

The hryvnia prices average cost per square meter in new Kiev region as of 01.12.2016 is 10248 hryvnia per "square". The average cost of the "square" has grown over the years to 658 UAH / sq m, or 6.86%.
These figures speak eloquently about the fact that the heavy political and economic situation in Ukraine is a heavy burden fell on the primary residential real estate market, on the shoulders of developers and investors' wallets.
As for the cost of the "square" in the national currency, it has grown in the Kiev region at 0,46-19,24% (49-1629 UAH.).

The leader of a rise in prices in the national currency is Belotserkovsky district. Here, the cost per square meter of housing increased from 9504 UAH. In January of 2015 to 11 333 UAH / sq.m. (19.24%) in January 2016. The White Church because of the small number of buildings in the new building on the street. Sholem Aleichem, the cost of the "square" will start from 12,000 USD.
The second highest price increase is Vyshgorod district. Here, the cost per square meter for the year 1524 increased by UAH., An increase of 13.65% compared to the beginning of the year.
In third place on the growth of prices is Obukhov district. Here the cost of the "square" has grown over the years to 1039 UAH., Or 9.86%. The increase in cost in the Obukhov district Povljana 6 commissioned new buildings throughout the year.

Minimum price in new Kiev region observed at the level of 6000 UAH / sq.m in a newly built residential complex "St. Michael" that Mikhailovka-Rubezhovke Kiev Sviatoshynsky district, and reaches a maximum 20 540 UAH. / Sq ft in built LCD "Genevieve", located in the village. IPEN.

At an average cost per square meter of the most expensive buildings are Vyshgorodskiy region (12,684 USD / sq.m.), In second place - new Obukhov district (11 571 UAH / sq.m.), And the third the cost of the "square" in Irpen -11,334 UAH.

According to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, the "cost per square meter in new buildings of Kyiv region depends on several factors: the distance from the line of Kiev, the reputation of the builder, under construction, construction materials, and the availability of social, commercial and municipal infrastructure. The new building cost per square meter may be higher by 70-90% than in construction at the initial stage. "
"Most of suburban housing estates is the economy segment, and offer prices are lower by 25-40% than in similar projects on the outskirts of the capital. Not surprisingly, they are snapping up the best "- sums up Victor Kovalenko.

During the first quarter of primary market fever, as developers first price nominated in dollars and then in national currency. As the dollar has changed, prices have not kept pace with the growth rate.

The main peak of sales, provoked a sharp rise in the dollar, fell in February. The second peak was in July, when on a wave of minor exchange rate fluctuations buyers, heated promotional offers from developers, despite the summer season of low demand, have been very active.

On the demand side, it is in comparison with the previous year decreased demand. Potential customers are now looking for the cheapest accommodation in the smallest space in new buildings of Kyiv region.

After analyzing the dynamics of changes in the cost of new buildings Kiev region, director of "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko said that the cost of the "square" on the laws of the market affected by the distance from Kiev. And figures table eloquently confirm this: the closer to Kiev, the more expensive: Vyshgorod, Irpen, near the villages of the Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky District (Cherry, Peter the Great, St. Sophia and St. Peter and Paul Borschagivka).
Despite the difficult political and economic situation in Ukraine, the market for suburban buildings did not stop in its development, and continues to evolve.

Home buyers are increasingly looking to the side near the suburb of Kiev, and developers easier to start a business in the Kiev region. It is easier to obtain a permit and the cost of land is much cheaper than in the capital. Influence the choice of the same environmental component and accessibility.
These factors influence the emergence of new facilities at a low cost at the start.

The market offers a lot of similar products at the same price. Many developers have realized: to have a competitive advantage, it is necessary to reduce the price. But, according to vice-president of the Association of Professional property managers Anatoly Topal, it will inevitably affect the quality of the real estate being built. "Conscientious developers, and there is not a lot, are not able to drastically reduce the price, t. To. Cherished quality of construction, and therefore have a disadvantageous position on the value of the property," - said the expert.

The situation on the Ukrainian currency market prompted investors to pay attention to the primary market of Kiev region as a safe investment in the future.
Victor Kovalenko
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