The cost of housing in Kyiv is regulated only by demand

14.06.2011 16:10
Everyone thinks that the price of homes in the capital should somehow be regulated. But the price is, in fact, shaped by demand. And in our country as a whole a huge pent-up demand accumulated since the time of the Soviet Union, said Leo Partskhaladze, chairman of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine during an online conference in the news agency LigaBusinessInform.

"Today in Kyiv come from all over Ukraine, and the average price it much higher than in other cities. For example, today the average price in Kiev - about $ 2 thousand for the quarter. m, while in Moscow it is now $ 4.3 thousand and this trend is inevitable because wanting more than able to buy. So the task of government and all state as a whole - to create such conditions that we have much more built and have been specialized programs in order to make the apartment more economical in construction and operation ", - commented L. Partskhaladze.

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Also the head of the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine said that the organization has always offered the idea of ??creating a state company, which would be able to build more economical accommodation. "If this company were given land free of charge, a supply of communications on preferential terms, this company would be exempt from payments to the budget, would be one standard design, respectively, the savings in the design and coordination, and would be limited profitability (for example, from 3 % to 5%), and the large bulk order for construction materials could be significant savings, but due to wholesale orders receive discounts. Such objects should have been, for example, up to 4-5 storeys, with no underground parking, elevators, apartments metrazhnostyu of 25 sq. km. m and above. We had such calculations, and the cost of such apartments can range $ 400-450 per square. m. Naturally, in Kiev, such objects would be difficult to build due to cost and limited land, but it could be built in satellite towns: Borispol, Vyshgorod Vasilkov, Brovary and others. But with the state could be further due to preferential mortgage and certain preferences, the program is 30 to 70, making it more affordable housing. According to our calculations, for example, flat 25 square meters. m. cost $ 10-12 thousand, if you take a mortgage of 14-15% per annum and per month to pay a $ 150, it is safe to pay interest and the body of the loan for 7-8 years. This is cheaper than any rent apartment in Kiev, and it's own place "- he concluded.

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