The cost of apartments in the new buildings of the Kiev region has grown

30.01.2018 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | The cost of apartments in the new buildings of the Kiev region has grown The dynamics of the cost of housing in suburban housing estates near Kiev during January-2017 - January-2018 differed radically in different districts of the Kiev region. Demand for suburban housing was higher than in Kiev, and the cost is much lower. The average cost of a "square" in new buildings of the Kiev region as of January 1, 2018 is 11774 UAH, which is 410 UAH (3.61%) more compared to January 2017.

The average cost of the "square" as of January 1 decreased by 250-3261 UAH. in Borispol, Borodyansky and Vasilkovsky districts of the Kiev region, and increased by 162-930 UAH. in other areas of Kyiv region.

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According to Victor Kovalenko, the director of the consulting company RealEkspo, "such a large drop in the square in the Vasilkovsky district is due to the fact that 3 finished new buildings are currently not participating in the analysis, in which the cost of a square meter reached 16,000-17,200 UAH."

Viktor Kovalenko also noted that "the cost of new buildings is heavily influenced by the readiness and location of the house." The closer to completion, the higher the cost. "

Dynamics of the cost of new buildings in the Kiev region,
January-2018, UAH / sq.m (according to
Area                         Jan-2017      Jan-2018

Belotserkovsky          11798          12343
Borispolsky               11400          10970
Borodyansky             8250            8000
Brovarsky                 10968          11130
Bucha                      11135          11623
Vasilkovsky              13735           10474
Vyshgorodsky           12554          13269
Irpen                       11226          11768
Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky    11536          11935
Makarovsky              9675            10280
Obukhovsky             11646           12576
Average                11364           11774

The leader in the price increase in new buildings in the Kiev region is the Obukhov district. Here the cost per square meter has increased over the year by 930 UAH / sq.m.
Vyshgorodsky district is on the second place in terms of price growth. The average cost of a "square" in the district during the year increased by 715 UAH.
 The third place in the growth of prices goes to the Makarov district. Here the cost of the "square" has grown during the year by 605 UAH.

According to Victor Kovalenko, "developers and developers of suburban new buildings in the Kiev region during the year increased the cost of a square from 120 to 2000 UAH. or reduced the "square" by 200 -1500 UAH. depending on demand, location, construction stage ".

According to Victor Kovalenko, "the cost per square meter in new buildings in the Kiev region depends on several factors: remoteness from the Kyiv border, the reputation of the developer, the stage of construction, construction materials, as well as the availability of social, commercial and communal infrastructure. In the newly commissioned buildings, the cost of a square meter can be 40-70% higher than in the ones under construction at the initial stage. "
Photo, graph of changes in the cost of apartments in new buildings in the Kiev region
Analyzing the dynamics of changes in the cost of new buildings in the Kiev region, the director of the company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko noted that the cost of "square" according to market laws is affected by the distance from Kiev. And the figures of the table eloquently confirm this: the closer to Kiev, the more expensive: Vyshgorod, Irpen, the nearest villages of Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district (Cherry, Petrovsky, Sofievskaya and Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka).

Despite the difficult political and economic situation in Ukraine, the market of suburban new buildings has not stopped in its development, but continues to develop.

Earlier it was reported that the pace of construction of new buildings near Kiev increased.

Victor Kovalenko
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