The cost of a «square» in the cottage towns near Kiev has grown

21.09.2018 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | The cost of a «square» in the cottage towns near Kiev has grown As of 20/09/2018 the average cost of 1 sq. M in the cottage towns of the Kiev region is 16915 UAH, which is higher by 359 UAH., or 2.17%, compared to the beginning of 2018. The most popular among developers and buyers of cottage real estate are areas that are close to Kiev. This distance is up to 10-12 km. Directions: right bank, Vyshgorodsky district, Irpin, Bucha, Obukhovskoye and Odessa directions.

According to Viktor Kovalenko, director of the consulting company RealEkspo, "the situation in the real estate market in Ukraine has deteriorated markedly since the beginning of hostilities and continues to deteriorate. As for the cottage real estate market, the situation here is even worse than in the residential real estate market, as the cost of cottages is higher than the cost of apartments in the primary market. "

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The leader in the cost per square meter in the cottage near Kiev is the Obukhov district (30092 UAH / sq.m). In the Obukhov district, the cost of the "square" since the beginning of the year increased by 3032 UAH / sq.m. This is due to the fact that a new town of elite class "Coniferous Quarter" with a starting price of 55255 UAH / sq.m has appeared in the district.
High cost in the Obukhov district can be explained by the location, the presence of a large number of built elite cottage townships.

In second place at prices in the cottage villages of the Kiev region is Vyshgorodsky district with the cost of "square" 19859 UAH. Here, the fall was 180 UAH / sq.m since the beginning of the year.
At an average price in the cottage towns are affected by several elite cottage settlements under construction in the region of the Kiev Sea.

The third place in the cost of housing in the cottage towns of the Kiev region is Vasilkovsky district with a cost of 15869 UAH / sq.m. The "square" here fell by 115 UAH / sq. M in comparison with January 2018.

Victor Kovalenko explains the small growth in the cottage towns near Kiev, the growth of the dollar and euro.
He noted the greatest growth of the "square" in the cottage towns of Obukhov district (+3032 UAH) and the biggest fall in a square meter in the cottage villages of Vyshgorodsky district (-180 UAH).
The cheapest square meter in the Kiev region is a "square" in the cottage towns of Belotserkovsky district (10850 UAH).

The cost of housing in cottage villages near Kiev, according to Victor Kovalenko, "depends on such criteria: the closer to the city, the more expensive; The higher the level (class), the more expensive; the higher the readiness, the more expensive; The presence of infrastructure has a strong impact on cost. The presence of forests, rivers, ecology also affects the cost. "

According to Victor Kovalenko, "the forecasts in the segment of cottage real estate are very sad. The cost will still slightly decrease in new projects of townhouses and duplexes.
In the projects that were built 3-5 years ago, there is a certain value of the land, materials that do not allow much dumping ", although prices will decrease there too.

Victor Kovalenko
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