The construction industry will overcome the crisis of the last

25.03.2011 00:03
Real Estate Market Analysis | The construction industry will overcome the crisis of the last State of the construction industry today is even harder. Since the industry is one of the first hit in a crisis, it is obvious that it will be one of the last, which will come out of it. People will always buy houses. We believe that this is cyclical, which necessarily take place, and the demand will increase.

Housing need not be reduced as well as the number of waiting list. Substantial amounts of funds are on deposit in the population, so the crisis will soon be building. People will need housing, city buildings, schools, kindergartens, stadiums, roads and interchanges.

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Construction industry - is byudzhetonapolnyayuschaya industry, creating jobs as construction sites, and on completion of construction.

If you operate on specific figures, it should be noted that the volume of work performed on its own in 2010, HC was 1 billion 812 million UAH. In Kiev, the total work performed is the proportion of HC 18,1%, Ukraine - 2%.

Today in Kyiv on the housing register in need of housing improvement comes 124 thousand people. In general in Ukraine there are about 1.5 million To learn volumes demand of housing, need to figure that represents a certain number of people multiplied by 75 (the average size of the apartment). This large volume, so the need for social housing is the same as in affordable. It primarily determined by the number waiting. But obviously need more than these figures because many people are really in need of housing, and a variety of reasons for allowance does not become: do not believe in what they can get an apartment, in that it is free. Our task - to carry out explanatory work.
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