The cheapest one-bedroom apartment near Moscow worth $ 38 thousand

15.08.2010 14:27
Real Estate Market Analysis | The cheapest one-bedroom apartment near Moscow worth $ 38 thousand Specialists of the company "MIEL-Brokerage" reviewed the segment two-bedroom apartments secondary market cities in the Moscow and found that the volume offers two-bedroom apartments occupy the first place.
Cost "dvushek" ranges from 1,15 million to 9,8 million rubles. Total area may vary from 30.6 to 92 square meters. meters.

According to the data base of exclusive objects Miel-Brokerage, offer two-bedroom apartments in suburbs of Moscow real estate market to date more than one-, three-or multi-room apartments - 36,6%.

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The leaders of the city offers are: Serpukhov - there is concentrated about 10,8% of the total supply cities in the Moscow and Balashikha - 10,5%, and Mytischi, which accumulated 8.8% offer two-bedroom apartments.

Price range of secondary two-bedroom apartments in the Moscow region-based Miel ranges from 1.15 million ($ 38.374 thousand) up to 9,8 million rubles. For example, the cheapest "kopeck piece" can be purchased for 1.15 million rubles in traditionally Roshal, a five-story brick house, total area of 42 square. meters. The most expensive one-bedroom apartment offered for 9.8 million rubles in Khimki, a new brick house with a total area of 75 square meters. meters.

The difference in minimum and maximum area near Moscow "dvushek" is more than 61 square meters. meter.

"One-bedroom apartments is sufficient demand customers. Even a small-size" kopeck piece "more comfortable for a family than a large area studio. Broad geography of the area and range of prices to select the most suitable option to the client. In our practice we have noted instances where families have the means to the acquisition of one-room apartment in Moscow, to lean in favor of a two-room apartment in Moscow to provide for themselves and their children to a separate space, "- said Alexey Shlenov, CEO of Miel-Brokerage.
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