The cheapest housing became more expensive, the rest goes on

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Real Estate Market Analysis | The cheapest housing became more expensive, the rest goes on Contrary to the established tradition in the property market recession year, July was no less active than in June.

"The number of transactions in July for some reason, has increased. It is difficult to explain the objective reasons, but this fact is ", - says Yuri Bazelinsky, director of the Academy" Optimum Plus "and vice-president of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine, writes today.

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Some increase in activity also confirmed by the real estate SV Realty: in July 1135 sold out in Kiev apartments in the secondary market (June - 1050) and 684 - in new buildings (in June - 613). Recall that in the last pre-crisis 2007 per month only on the secondary market on average performed more than 1600 purchases.

Increasing the number of transactions, regardless of the height of summer, a leading specialist consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki commented as follows: "The market is recovering, so deals and more. Seasonality is important when the market is good, but not as well as in recent years when the market fell to a minimum. "

This is especially true of the primary market, which, according to Kostetskii is developing now a normal pace: many builders resume building, which brings customers' trust. And the price is lower than the "secondary housing", and for better and comfortable apartments. According to experts, if everything will continue in the same vein, the year-end market of new buildings on the number of transactions may be close to the secondary market.

However, not all experts with the confidence to apply the above statistics - they say, is not clear mechanism of their production, and the official information on the number of transactions no. According to director of real estate companies Alexei Holmetskogo, July for its activity did not differ from June. And the director of the Academy "Ukrainian House" Ruslan Bezugly generally argues that the market feels a seasonal decline, and in the spring and early summer, "everything was livelier."

PRICES IN PLACE. Based on the statistics of various companies, the average price of Kiev apartments in new buildings, that on the secondary market in July remained virtually unchanged - variations are within the statistical error. Sergey Kostecki said a small (around 1% per month) increase in the price of the cheapest accommodation - up to $ 80 thousand


One Bedroom

$ 35 000 - hem. rn, st. Megeve, 18/13/4
$ 35 000 - Hypocrites. rn, st. Families Sosninykh, 19/11/4
$ 35 000 - hem. rn, trans. Landmark, 30/15/6

A month ago, was the most affordable Dormitory for $ 35 thousand


$ 45 000 - Dnipro. rn, st. Alma-Ata, 42/28/7
$ 50 000 - Dnipro. rn b. Top. Rada, 46/30/8
$ 52 000 - Dnipro. rn, st. Tampere, 39/25/7

A month ago, was the most affordable Xruschevka into the Dnieper. the district of $ 45 thousand


$ 57 000 - Dnipro. rn, st. Alma-Ata, 58/41/6
$ 60 000 - Gums. rn, st. Zaporozhets, 51/31/7
$ 62 000 - Dnieper district, st. Builders, 55/42/7

A month ago - for $ 55 thousand in Darnytskyi borough

How will America?

Last Friday, our real estate market was alarming: on stock exchanges in the U.S. and Western Europe there was a noticeable drop in the index so that this day was dubbed "Black Friday". According to the President of the Ukrainian think tank Alexander Okhrimenko itself collapse in U.S. stock indices for the economy is not terrible: "The only thing it will affect - on the Ukrainian stock market: they will drop prices."

However, as economist at the International Centre for Policy Studies, Alexander Acorn, the collapse of the stock price may be a symptom of impending crisis. "Under suspicion of inability to pay on its debt obligations were Spain, Italy, Portugal. Hence the panic in the stock market - says chief financial analyst, an expert agency "EXPERT-rating" Vitaly Shapran.

- And this new crisis could lead to an outflow of capital from our economy. If this happens, the already dead in the housing market will definitely fall in prices - and now no one can say how much. " Another consequence may be the return of the frozen construction projects. Many Ukrainian developers do not even have a minimum financial stability.

"Their financial condition does not hold water - says Vitaly Shapran. - For example, equity capital is 10 million and attracted - 300 million UAH. Therefore, at the slightest shock market collapses again. "

But everything in the euro area can do without a second wave of the crisis. Then the housing market will continue the same trends as it does today: a gradual increase in activity at price stability. "I think that before the end of 2012 will continue the existing rates to fluctuations in the range of 5% at the end of the year", - says Sergey Kostecki.

"Bring the market, experts say, can not and mortgages, which each month offers all the best conditions. "Even if the banks and are willing to lend, people still are not ready to buy because of low incomes and experience financial instability. Therefore, no impact on the market while efforts to bank can not ", - said Vitaly Shapran.


Apartments in Kiev are still too expensive for most Ukrainians. Therefore becoming more popular housing in the suburbs. About the successful history of acquiring this apartment says Nikolai Kopylov.

$ 50 THOUSAND. INSTEAD OF $ 70 THOUSAND. "We are looking for an apartment in the suburbs, because Kiev is much more expensive housing. Looked at the options and Irpen Bucha - really liked this area, place a beautiful, green, and friends have lived there.

Searched with the help of Realtors, and yourself. It took about two months. First, we looked at several options in new buildings. There were cheap "kopeck piece" - $ 30 thousand, but, first, unfinished, there was no certainty that they will build it in time. And, secondly, on their own failures, with an awkward layout, thin septa.

And if a house is built quality, and even put into operation, the price of apartments in it are much higher, "kopeck piece" cost about $ 50-60 thousand apartments in the "secondary housing" are about the same, but with the renovation of buildings is obtained expensive. Yes, and it takes longer to enter, and it is for us - the money, because we then rented an apartment.

As a result, we found the "kopeck piece" area of ​​52 square meters. m, with a normal layout, a good nine-co-operative of the 96th series. A bargain at $ 51 thousand, while the costs for real estate agents, registration, etc., all at a cost of around $ 54 thousand in Kiev as thousands of these apartments are at least 70.

GO NO LONGER THAN Troyeshchyna. But the 50-odd thousand we had, so I had to take a bank loan for about 60% of this amount. The bank chosen by comparing the conditions published on the websites. They took the credit for 5 years at a fixed rate 15.9% (however, all payments have already obtained about 20%).

You could take the credit and 10 years old (no longer given, although in the advertising claim and longer term), but there is more interest, and we ourselves would like to quickly pay off debt. The good news is that me and my wife - a high official salaries, so that the positive response we got in the bank in one day.

Now we live in a very pure, beautiful location, near school, bus and go to Kiev train. And get to work (we work in the area of ​​the Golden Gate), not longer than, for example, Troyeshchina. "


In July, the rental market was more active June. According to the Academy of Sciences SV Realty, for the second month of summer has been rented out apartments in 1405, this is not much, but still more than June 1360. "Rent is still quite active - Bezugly said Ruslan. - The cheap apartment in a more or less good condition demand usually exceeds supply, even. "

And indeed, most rented apartments to 4,5 ths. per month - they had 43% of transactions, 39% of apartments were put in the price range of 4.5 to 7 thousand hryvnia, and 18% - in the category of over 7 thousand hryvnia. Average rental prices for the month have not changed - according to SV Development, growth amounted to only 0.77%.

Students pushed. Although average prices and are in place, remove the cheapest apartments has become more difficult, and the real minimum price for which you can easily find housing in some areas rose by 3-4 hundred hryvnia. Above all, growth of minimum prices is noticeable in areas adjacent to major universities.

"For three weeks, much has changed, prices have risen, - said Denis Tales, just recently shot a" unity "close to the CPI. - Students come to Kiev, they often live four, each to pay 1 thousand grn. not expensive.

Relying on these people, many landlords raise the price. For 3500 USD. a month ago, if you're lucky, you can be removed and "kopeck piece," Now this money is not easy to find and studios. " According to Dennis, for 3500 USD. in the area are now offering mostly apartments in bad condition, all more or less decent at that price, "flies" very quickly, so just do not have time to look.

However, even today, you can quickly remove a good apartment at a good price. "Look, we all three days - says Timothy Nodes. - But my wife and I were on vacation, so we could see the apartment at any time. Over 3 thousand in a small area of ​​the square. Shevchenko to the Heroes of Dnepr offered mostly true "sheds." The only good apartment found for 3400 USD.

I must say that people who give good apartment, very demanding on potential tenants. The hosts of "our" in front of us had already refused three comers. If you want to rent a good apartment, one must at least appear so credible. "

Will continue. "Students' revival shlynet in September, and a month later, said Sergei Kostecki, as they appear on the market for a new budget proposals, all will come back" full circle ". For a serious rise in prices is in general the market, according to Alexei Holmetskogo, no reason.


Slightly more active in July and was on the suburban real estate market. If in June, according to SV Development, in the Kiev area has been sold 706 private homes, while in July these transactions had a few more - 733.

Bidding - is appropriate. "For Sale basically something that costs less than $ 100 thousand", - says Alexei Holmetsky. Statistics confirms the words of an expert: According to SV Development, the maximum number of transactions (62%) are in the house from $ 30 up to 100 thousand, 21% in the price range from $ 100 up to 150 thousand, 11% in the price range from $ 150 up to 200 thousand and 6% - in the category of over $ 200 thousand Moreover, if pre-crisis price "to 100 thousand dollars," distributed by "Uncle's hut at home" - illiquid running home - now for the money you can buy a decent mansion.

Ads in your city

"Until 2008, I even sleep could not dream to buy a new house in the suburbs (30-50 km) for less than $ 100 thousand. Now such offers - shaft - says Alina P. from Kiev - Moreover, the owners take off great price. For example, a mile (in Zhitomir highway 10 minutes from Kyiv) unfinished 140 sq ft without communications for 8 acres at the end of July were sold for $ 68 thousand

Very beautiful place, near the forest, driving to the track. In early August of this "estate" already gave a $ 58 thousand And call back the owners themselves! In Irpen and Bucha (Kyiv region Svyatoshinsky) unfinished in 2010, 100 sq.m, with all communications, but without interior, 7 acres of land, willing to pay for the $ 90-85 thousand if you look at a home just a little farther from Kiev (50 km), one can simply buy a mansion for $ 70 000 (120 sq ft, all communications, interior, 8 hectare). "

True, as noted by our experts, home prices have headed for higher prices. According to SV Development, the average price of homes in the Kiev region has increased over the month by 1.33% to $ 990 per sq.m. In Kiev, the same average value of the "square" has risen to 1.99% - up to $ 1333. "For resale homes now being built little new low-cost options on the market not getting enough, here is the average price of transactions and growing," - said Sergey Kostecki.

LAND cheaper. And on land, on the contrary, the average transaction price is falling - from $ 23.1 thousand to $ 22.8 thousand "Earth is now virtually worthless, - says Alexei Holmetsky. - If we take the area of ​​20-30 km from Kiev, is there at all sites of 10-15 acres for construction are $ 5 - 10 thousand. " According to Sergei Kostetskii in the coming months we are waiting for all the same unhurried cheaper land. "And, perhaps, a slight increase in the price of the cheapest home", - says Alexey Holmetsky. 
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