The capital's new buildings with loans turn into a deficit

16.01.2011 22:48
Real Estate Market Analysis | The capital For the second consecutive year, looking at lived through the period, we recognize: life goes on, new buildings are erected, shall be in operation and successfully implemented. But here's the long-awaited withdrawal of "the crisis was over!" One somehow does not. Let's see what came up with the capital market of new buildings for the next milestone - 2011.

New retreat

First of all, it seems, have to admit a loss in the primary housing market. So, a little over a year ago, at the end of 2009, according to the company "Miel", sales were 337 facilities (es). Today, in January 2011, the database can be found WinNER object 264 (and 2,984 apartments in them), though among them - and a rather "old" new buildings have been handed over more than 2 years ago (such as the Grand Park, Elsinore, Sparrow Mountain and others). Indeed the new addresses - those that are currently undergoing CC or preparing for it - a little over 80.

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If we analyze the sites of the biggest agencies in the capital, one can see that fresh new buildings for sale does not so much. For example, "Miel" offers 17 addresses (of which 6 are in the process of passing the Civil Code), "Incom" - 20, "PIC" - 18; "NDV-Real Estate - 9; MIAN - 46 (in fact, about 30, tk . in the database are different corps of the same neighborhood or apartment complex).

road junction sverhuPri this kind should be noted that the proposal is clearly shifted to the suburbs. According to the data base WinNER, today they offer 4,700 apartments in 342 sites, new buildings, and on the websites of real estate agencies in Moscow presented rich. MIAN represents 55 addresses, "PIC" - 29 "Miel" - 34 "Incom" - 69 (although a small portion of them - garages or residential premises).

And prices are rising ...

If we consider that the vast majority of objects in the field - economy class, while in Moscow, on the contrary, business class, then we can say almost complete exodus of cheap housing in the suburbs. According to the company's "Relight-Invest", in Moscow, only 4,5% of housing in new buildings was a panel, dominated by the same apartments in monolithic homes - 92% of total supply. Accordingly, this distribution is influenced by the average cost of 1 square meter.

According to Olga Markova, a marketer of "Relight-Invest", in November 2010, the price of 1 sq. m. in the primary market in Moscow was $ 6,577, or 203,899 rubles. A year ago the average price per square meter in Moscow new buildings was $ 5,488, or 156,418 rubles. "The average price of a meter was calculated without taking into account discounts, taking into account the proposals in the Central District of elite and cheap offers that are characteristic outskirts of Moscow, and sleeping, non-prestigious areas of the city," - explained in the company.

The database WinNER minimum price of 1 square. meters of new housing - $ 2295 (about 70 thousand rubles).. The maximum cost of a meter is fixed in the LCD "Barclays Plaza - $ 25,4 thousand way, if in 2009, offers luxury at a price scarcely have been implemented, the current it can happen. Aleksander Zima, director of sales of real estate Penny Lane Realty, said that in late 2010 re-emerged clients requesting objects worth about $ 10 million *.

Mortgages in ambush

And finally, the mortgage. In the past year was solemnly announced its return to the market. Indeed, if we recall the year 2009, when many mortgage programs were curtailed, and the rates were in the remaining obstruction, and now, perhaps we can speak about the revival of mortgage lending.

TNO and here, again, leads suburbs. According to the data base WinNER, a mortgage in January 2011 offered 3,816 apartments, while in Moscow - only 1905. It turns out, banks no longer trust the prefabricated economy class. In addition, as owner, wrote recently, that in Moscow more items for sale on the 214-FZ.

So, if you revert to the databases of agencies, we can see the next picture. "Incom" offers 14 addresses with a mortgage in Moscow, "Miel" - 10, "PIC" - 3 "NDV-estate" - 4, Math - no one (but in the suburbs - 14).

Handy table with mortgage terms of new buildings is available at Miel. So, credit for housing has 11 banks, the lowest initial payment - 10% (Russian Mortgage Bank, Savings Bank, IBC). The lowest rate in rubles - from 10.25% in the bank "Revival" (program "variable rate") and 10,5% (Russian mortgage bank, some programs Sberbank, VTB-24 - Action "With new home!").

At first glance, almost pre-crisis conditions. However, as usual, upon closer inspection, things are not so simple. For example, in the bank "Revival" (a product of "variable rate) mortgage is only available for objects that are sold in 214-FZ, the borrower's income must be confirmed by a certificate in Form 2-PIT, the maximum loan term - 30 years, construction projects are credited only if the box is already built homes and connected to communications (ie, give credit under the "pit" no one will).

More free conditions in Sberbank and VTB-24, but there are invited to buy an apartment by selecting an object from the list of accredited buildings. Thus, the choice of the borrower is limited. But at VTB-24 is still the best long-term loan - 50 years.

In "Russian mortgage bank" just three lending programs of primary residence: "New", "New development with equity participation," "new meters. Long-term (30 years) are the first two. Borrower will also need help 2-PIT. With the help of mortgage products the bank can buy an apartment in "Ivakin-Pokrovskoye" LCD "Novoshodnensky" estate "Jubilee" (Khimki Khimki and district).

One can assume that 2011 will be the year flowering of new buildings and mortgages in the suburbs. The capital also face a shortage of new housing. Incidentally, it is predicted by experts at the end of 2008.

Summing up, on the real estate market was organized by Penny Lane Realty 22 December 2010 at the restaurant on Znamenka "
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