Switzerland - the safest country for investment in real estate

16.11.2010 17:49
Real Estate Market Analysis | Switzerland - the safest country for investment in real estate Switzerland is one of the richest countries in Europe and the world with a stable European currency, the franc. The country's economy as a whole and the housing market in particular are characterized by resistance.

Swiss cantons statutory authority to restrict the number of foreigners who can buy property in this country that supports the demand for housing at a high level. Real estate prices in Switzerland have been steadily growing by an average of 1-3% per year, growth was observed even in a crisis.

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Britain was the second ranking. The Russian citizens most in demand luxury housing in London and inexpensive "student" real estate. In the most prestigious areas of London the cost of 1 sq. km. m - from 8000 to 40,000 pounds, says Anna Levitov, Managing Partner of Evans. Guesthouses and hostels for schools, apartments, bought for accommodation and letting the students generate revenues of up to 10% (in London - 5-6%).

France in crisis prices though slowed but not stopped. In 2009, prices increased on average by 6% in the first half of 2010 - up 3%. The country has low interest rates on mortgage loans - from 1.95%.

In the north of Italy, in Tuscany and Liguria regions, the cost of small flats - from 250 000 euro, and a good apartment will cost at least EUR 500 000.

The top five rankings of the safest investment of the European countries included Austria. The main factors when choosing real estate in Austria as an investment are well-developed economy, and stability in all spheres of society, an enabling environment for business.
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