Suburban real estate market out of stagnation

29.12.2010 00:07
Near Moscow suburban real estate market in 2010 was able to get out of the post-crisis stangatsii. This is the conclusion analysts' Terra-Real Estate. According to experts, this trend was particularly noticeable in September, which contributed to the formation of pent-up demand during the anomalous summer heat.

"In autumn 2010, the purchasing activity increased by 50% compared with the corresponding period last year, but many market players have started talking about price increases. However, as such, price growth was recorded only in villages located on a high stage of readiness, and made in individual cases, 10 - 15%. However, the market in general rise in prices during 2010 did not exceed 5%, "- says the material of the company.

According to analysts the company in the short term, more active is to start growing segment of the high budget suburban real estate. This trend stems from the fact that since autumn 2008, the output of the projects of this type is practically stopped and the market at the current time there is a shortage of liquidity and investment-attractive offer.

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