Suburban real estate developers looking for new opportunities

06.03.2011 09:52
Real Estate Market Analysis | Suburban real estate developers looking for new opportunities The prolonged crisis in the Gaza town real estate developers are forced to seek new opportunities for their projects: to reduce the price, to offer installment plans and important - fundamentally alter proposal

Marketers cottages last year, nothing has pleased. Buyers were few, and many market players had to drop the price.

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According to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko, the past year the average price per square meter cottage in the Kyiv region has decreased by 10,2% - to 1,298 dollars. Judging by statistics, the maximum depreciation recorded in Boryspil district, where the average price of the "square" for the year fell by 36%. And in Vyshgorodsky, Brovarskom and Borodyansky district, by contrast, was a slight rise in the cost within two to seven percent. However, according to analysts, the growth is not associated with an increase in incomes. Rather, the point is that somewhere, somehow managed to sell some cheap items.

However, says director of sales at Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development plc Vitalina Medyanaya, monitor price changes in this market is not easy, because the offer price in many cottage towns (CG) is significantly different from the actual sales price, often exceeding it by 20-30%. Moreover, in contrast to a city apartment is a simple comparison of the cost of the "square" lead to nowhere - because key aspects of life outside the city are not only the building but the land on which it is located, nature, communication, and general landscaping.

The crisis has yielded results. Chief among them - the developers have stopped betting on a huge land bank and large-scale cottage villages. One of the potential buyers, the head of communications agency Elena Alexandrova said that she had a lot of travel in the area before they could find a town where people were at least some construction work. "The website pictures are beautiful, the sales department talk about the heavenly Sanctuary. And when you come to the place, you find an open field with the guard booth in the middle "- it is indignant. In an interview with columnist "Expert" Kovalenko brought relentless statistics: 74 out of 90 being built cottage villages in the frozen state (though back in January were those for eight more). By the number of frozen grounds championship keeps Makarovsky area (17 townships), followed by the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky (15) and Brovarskyi areas (11 townships).

Picture: Suburban real estate developers looking for new opportunitiesOther experts call these calculations are fairly optimistic. Medyanaya counted only six are actively developing projects.


In total, according to "RealEkspo, in the Kiev region in recent years, was announced the construction of 263 cottage townships, of which only came to light 84.

Bonus Season

To activate the demand vendors have adopted two basic approaches. First - extensive - sales promotion, for example, by carrying out various activities.

Sometimes, market players can get a partner of bankers, mortgage loans. But developers often rely on their funds. In the latter case, what they call the loan is actually sold in installments - although negotiated and currency, and the term (usually three to five years), and the initial payment and interest rate. For example, in the CG "Lake farm, you can get a loan for a period of three to five years at 12% per annum in dollars. The first installment is 30% of the price the house. In "Severynivka" is given by installments for ten years at seven percent in dollars, with an initial payment of 20% of the price of the cottage. In KG "Sunbeam" concessional lending provides BM Bank. The rate varies from 10.78 to 18.02% depending on the type of housing loan term and size of the down payment. Loans are issued in UAH maximum of 15 years, their size is limited to the sum of 4.5 million hryvnia.

In the town of "Our Mistechko" when buying a ready-made houses builder offers customers a flexible system of phased payments for the first payment of 50% of the cost of homeownership. In the case of the acquisition being built cottage primary contribution is 30%, and the subsequent financing schedule negotiated individually.

Many of the players decided to take the buyer's creative. For example, you can swap houses for other real estate (not necessarily inhabited) in the capital city and Kiev region. Assessment of the proposed exchange to produce the developer of the town. You can also purchase a cottage in exchange for a car, building materials, construction equipment, or even contract work. Thus, developers not only to accelerate the implementation of the cottages, but also hedge their risks. After all, urban housing and commercial property - goods more liquid, and the more expensive it is likely to begin earlier than town houses.

In KG Green Wood Club and do decide to use the know-how. Customers who pay immediately 100% of the estate, after ten years promise to return 50%. True, the buyer in this case is risking much - in fact not a fact that after so many years, the developer will work. In addition, there are doubts that he will have weighty reasons for the refund of the long sold object.

Izmelchanie cottage

Many developers of cottage townships note that the reserve price reduction has been exhausted. Today, many facilities offered at a price of about a thousand dollars per square meter. And this figure is close to the cost and also meet the price of the "square" in Kiev's unpretentious house in the suburbs. Having bought a cottage which was built on the basis of the existence of a huge settlement, the buyer may eventually remain dissatisfied: communication is not brought in sufficient quantities, in the neighboring area is dirty, the village infrastructure (schools, shops, pharmacies), no.

Output - in the choice of an intensive method, different from the sale of cottages at special prices. As is known, the price is a substantial argument, when there is no other.
Picture: Suburban real estate developers looking for new opportunities
According to Deputy General Director of "Synergy" Nikolai Kozyrev, in the CG "Michael's Garden", which develops the company for over a year selling plots without a contract. That is, the buyer can now get put on, which are connected to all networks, and build a house later on, when podnakopit money - by himself or by purchase the land developer. "As an added bonus, we performed finishing work, installation of internal engineering services (water, sewage, electricity), the installation of roof windows and so forth," - adds Kozyrev.Picture: Suburban real estate developers looking for new opportunities


It is clear that this is not a good life. In fact, by and large, this project is no longer a cottage towns, because it violates the concept of development and unity of the central network.

At the head angle is still a useful cottage and the area around it (in jargon that sounds like "name"). Today, demand dropped to the level of accumulation, and most potential buyers do not adapt to a bank loan, choosing the best of what the lack of funds.

CEO «Dream House Ukraine" (engaged in the construction of cottage townships) Vladimir Limak notes that the client now focuses on the overall cost of the house, not the price per square meter. This requirement has led to a decrease in the area of the cottages. If, before the crisis, the most popular among developers was a house for 250-300 square meters. meters, are now being offered small cottages on the 100-200 "squares." There are quite "simple" proposal - a 50-60 square meters. meters. Although previously venerable developers shun the construction of such objects - say, not the profitability.

But the pay has plummeted. Previously, many were willing to pay for the vacation home of 250-300 thousand dollars. Now, according to research firm «Dream House Ukraine", this value decreased to 80-150 thousand. "Furthermore, - emphasizes Limak - very few people willing to buy unfinished. People prefer to cook at home, where better to cottages were to finish and furniture. Important, of course, reputation and experience of the developer, but especially - the completeness of communications in the project. "

Victor Kovalenko said that recently appeared in the sale of new CG - it's small towns and suburban cooperatives offering plots of land as a contract, and without it. All of them are positioning themselves as ekonomvariant or minus average and actively use new technologies of construction (cast-in frame or wooden buildings). In these towns do not have excess infrastructure, only the basic (water, electricity, security, playground, pond).

The sharp rise in prices of fuel and socio-political instability in the popular foreign resorts in the Middle East and North Africa will increase this year, demand for the rest of Ukrainians in native penates. This may increase the need for small modern suburban homes. Proposal on suburban real estate market this year will be filled mostly objects of economy and business class. It is true, hold on to the appropriate niche builders hard. Run a gated development in economy class - a task extremely difficult, as organized development requires summing networks and minimal infrastructure, and all this is included in the price ", - said Vladimir Limak of« Dream House Ukraine ".
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