Sharp rise in house prices will not

29.10.2010 11:47
Real Estate Market Analysis | Sharp rise in house prices will not Housing prices in Moscow would not gallop. This forecast was made yesterday in the online press conference, head of the analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market" Oleg Repchenko.

In his opinion, the reasons for the rise in price of capital "square" is not. The change of power in the city will not affect the pricing policy, it is already obvious. Repchenko states: "Prices have not increased, however, and fall they also do not intend to. If you look at 2011, then, according to our think-tank, the prices will rise, but no faster than inflation."

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Analysts believe that one should not expect drastic changes in the issue of social housing. The fact that the first deputy mayor of Moscow was the main builder Vladimir Resin, shows: the ongoing construction issues drastic changes will not happen.

As for the program of demolition and resettlement of five-story building, here on the very rosy promises Repchenko abstained. "You have to understand that in this matter the city could never rely solely on our own strength, and therefore also attracted private developers, - he said. - They were offered construction sites, but instead they had to pay the city of the apartments, which subsequently went to settlers. However, from 2005-2006, the city began to offer such contracts to developers at very unfavorable conditions: "hangs" a lot of charges, often requires too much with the expectation that prices will rise and offset the costs. However, the crisis is corrected, the irresistible rise in prices is over. " Therefore Repchenko concludes: if the authorities will continue to try to save, the process could stall completely. And the city will remain the mass nekomfortabelnogo compact housing.

Over the past two years in Moscow, began to appear, entire communities inexpensive panel construction. In the same Marfino last year with a flat finish on the stage of construction were offered at 3 million rubles. Now construction of residential complex Michurino at the intersection of Michurinsky avenues and streets of Lobachevsky. Many Muscovites and want there to buy a home but are afraid. Building it is only begun, but is there any guarantee that the new government it will not stop? Oleg Repchenko sure: there is no reason to worry. Firstly, it is already approved projects. Besides being built estates large companies. Create them big problems - to jeopardize the production of thousands of employees, building capacity. Some apartments have already purchased if to stop construction, then there will be defrauded real estate investors. The city will do everything possible to prevent this.
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