Secondary rural property near Moscow: Season Results

02.10.2010 13:59
Real Estate Market Analysis | Secondary rural property near Moscow: Season Results Secondary market of suburban real estate of the Moscow region in 2010 did not show some kind of stable trends. And if prices rose, and then only on the highest-quality proposals. However, experts believe that the pent-up demand caused by abnormal weather conditions, yet to be implemented in the fall.

Sales in the smoke screen

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Active season on the suburban real estate market which usually lasts from the second half of the month of April to October, is nearing completion and now you can sum up preliminary results of its operations. Expert opinion, as always coincide not around. "By analogy with the urban market, where demand grew in the spring, despite even the seasonal expectations, market participants expect activity, all of suburban real estate, - said Yuri Metrinfo.Ru Sinyaev, Director of Marketing Group of companies" Conti. " - Less optimistic situation in the city market associated with the effect of pent-up demand after the crisis. However, fires and smog that hangs over the capital and Moscow region in the summer, played a negative role for the suburban real estate market. During this time, fewer initial applications, phone calls and hits. " True, at this time increased the number of visits to the site of the company.

Yevgeny Ivanov, the managing partner of Zagorod also confirmed that the summer of 2010 on the sales market Rublevo Assumption highway dawned active only in the negotiations, and the number of hits was kept to a minimum. "Especially were inactive in July and August," - said the expert. But the decline in the heat, come the end of August, slightly changed the situation. According to Marina Lysenkova, specialist of the country real estate company "Credit-Center property, the fall of suburban real estate market has become more active. Therefore, it predicts that shoppers who watched over the summer and chose the appropriate options, in September, the maximum - October has come to deal.

Armen Markosyan, Director of Marketing RODEX Group, a major trend this past summer said the demand for resale properties and increasing interest in the primary. In this case, the most active potential customers have shown to the farthest value problems - the proposals in a cottage village situated on 80 km from Moscow. The expert explained by the fact that this format requires a better ecological environment, the opportunity to buy more land and more spacious house, that is the best price-quality ratio.

Buy cheap and high quality

This summer offers on a suburban Moscow market area very much. Experts said that a number of merchants joined the owners of that of the complex financial situation, to provoke a crisis, had to put items up for sale.

According to Yuri Siniaeva ("Conti"), the structure of sentences with pre-crisis period, essentially nothing has changed. As before heading west to supply the market offers luxury and business class; northern direction - "Economy" and "business" in the 50/50, east and south direction by 70% consisted of the proposed level of economy class.

Demand for suburban real estate is largely dependent on the budget buyer. In an expensive segment, according to Lyudmila Ezhov, CEO of Terra-Real Estate, the largest number of applications received at the facility located on Novorizhskoye and ruble-Uspensky highway - are respectively 42% and 35%. And real estate buyers are very demanding: 64% of the total number of stakeholders interested in countryside cottage villages, located at a distance of 15 to 30 km from Moscow. The expert said that 65% of applications came from options to the land allotment from 15 to 25 hectare and 70% requirement has been agreed to consider options for homes ranging from 400 to 800 sq.m. People are going to spend a lot of money, but still the total was less impressive than before the crisis. Budget for the purchase of 48% was limited to the sum of $ 2 to $ 5 million, but as they say realtors, proposals that meet the request was not enough. "For the first time in the last two years in the upper price segment of the supply volume will decrease, not increase, and decrease at least 20% of today's market" - says Eugene Ivanov (Zagorod).

However, elite segment of the suburban market - it has its own audience and suggestions, which are usually the buyer seem rather mythical than real. According to experts, most buyers of the market-town near Moscow - came to the country market with a budget of 10.4 million rubles. Leading trends in the buyers this season was Minsk, Mozhayskoye and Novorizhskoe highway, and a bit less popular and enjoyed Dmitrovskoye Simferopol highway.

Fires in peatlands south-east of Moscow region, where is concentrated the largest amount of economy-class facilities, a negative impact on sales. In August, consumers have practically ceased to be interested in the existing market offerings. But Ilya Sapunov, CEO of "Beautiful Land" believes that a significant reallocation of demand is not in favor of the south-east will not: If the family is more convenient to travel to the country in the south-east, it is unlikely that after the fire, he will radically change its decision and will look for land or a house in the west or north-west suburbs. "

According to Armen Markosyan (RODEX Group), the increased popularity of home ownership used in the price range up to 9 million rubles - the sector accounts for about 50% of transactions. And cheaper than the offer, the higher the interest. For example, in part by Sychev Volokolamsk highway (80 km from Moscow Ring Road) sold a two-level cottage from a bar of total area of 130 sqm on plot of 10 hectare of 3,5 million rubles. To 200 thousand rubles. cost more expensive frame, surrounded by brick with interior finish area of 135 sq ft on a plot 25 hectare in guarded cottage, "Yaroslavsky Dubki on the highway (70 km from Moscow). Over 6 million rubles. You can buy a two-storey brick-built cottage with garage for finishing a total area of 265 sq ft on a plot 16 hectare in the village. Filipeevo on Mozhaisk highway (115 km from Moscow).

Yuri Sinyaev (HA "Conti") said that the majority of buyers pay attention to home and small areas with small plots of land, explaining that many actual absolute ultimate value of the object rather than a square meter. In addition, valued a high degree of readiness at home and legal purity of the object. Also continue to demand land without a contract. "The most popular proposals this summer - land of 15 hectare in villages worth up to 1 5 million rubles," - said Marina Lysenkova (LLC Loan Center Property ").

Distressed sales

While the experts representing the elite segment of real estate and try to convince us that the demand for expensive items stored and buyers are willing to enter into multi-million dollar deal - this situation is far from typical. As confirmed by Yuri Sinyaev (GC "Conti"), the minimum demand is the most expensive objects. "When choosing a country house of paramount importance is its value, those objects whose value is actually too high, have very long-term exposure - said Samir Jafarov, commercial director of" 11 Invest ».

They also include proposals concern: land to the unresolved issue of Communications, or was not ready from a legal point of view, for which there is evidence of ownership. As well as the large houses on small plots. For example, household 400 square meters. m. to 8-10 acres, cites the example of Armen Markosian (RODEX Group).

According to Marina Lysenkova (Credit Center Property "), is also difficult to find buyers for vacation homes over 15 years, since they are obsolete. "To the owners of such facilities, we do not refuse the sale, but tried to persuade to part with them for the minimum money," acknowledged expert.

Discounts do not count

Low activity at the suburban real estate market not logically should have led to higher prices. However, Yuri Sinyaev (GC "Conti") indicates that since the beginning of the year increase in average prices for high-quality liquid supply amounted to 10.9%. The expert explained that if trace amplitude of the price increase, then season it will be different. In winter, the prices were fairly stable, but with an increasing trend in spring prices continued their climb to mid-summer, when the capital nastupila heat waves. But little interest in the proposal price is not rising: "Prices of all illiquid stayed for a year at the same level", - said the expert.

According RODEX Group, from the beginning of the year prices on the secondary market grew by only 7-10%, whereas the primary marked growth of 10-15% depending on the quality of the project, location and stage of readiness. "This is due to increased demand for primary housing, and overshadowed by" secondary housing ", - said Armen Markosian. However, if in the beginning, the buyers still trying to bring down the price in the bidding process, it has since May they receive the discount was very difficult. In the fall count of the significant discount on the acquisition of the object suburban property in the secondary market and not worth it, - said Samir Jafarov ("11 Invest»). According to him, today the probable percentage of trades an average of 5% except when the owner is in urgent need of cash and ready to make concessions.

Since the activity in the secondary market town real estate is not achieved the expected rate, experts believe that the predicted rise in prices early. "Today, you can talk about stabilizing the market town real estate near Moscow, but to promise a significant increase in prices until the end of the year so far no preconditions" - says Samir Jafarov ("11 Invest»). And the forecast Armen Markosyan (RODEX Group), the rise in prices in the secondary market before the end of the year may reach 10-13% of the January price. Explaining that in the middle of autumn, is expected to "pent-up demand" caused by years of abnormal heat and fire. Many buyers plan to buy a house or plot in this year, will come to market in the fall.
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