Sale price of apartments in the secondary market in Kiev has decreased by 8% for 2010

19.01.2011 17:42
Real Estate Market Analysis | Sale price of apartments in the secondary market in Kiev has decreased by 8% for 2010 At the end of December 2010 claimed the price of 1 square. m of flats in the secondary market of Kiev was $ 2170, which was 8% lower than at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year, the declared value gradually decreased, except for the second quarter, when there was an increase of the declared value, said the real estate agency Real Druzi.

In this year the most significant decrease in the average declared value of the filed Real Druzi, was recorded in the Dnieper and the Shevchenko district, a slight increase in the average declared value per square meter was observed in Goloseyevsky area.

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Least of all for the year decreased the average declared value of one-bedroom apartments - 7% on two and three bedroom apartments reduction of this figure was 9% and 10% respectively.

The velocity of lower average prices of actual transactions was higher than the rate of decline in the declared value: the gap between the average bid and the transaction, which in the first quarter was about 18% by the end of the fourth quarter increased to 23%. This is primarily due to the fact that the proposal constitute a major stake in the apartment business and premium class, while the share of transactions in these classes is low. At the same time, in November-December, buyers could expect to make major concessions on the part of owners, which also affected the average transaction price.
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