Sale of land continues

17.10.2010 10:07
Sale of land continues Crisis has a clear market trend for cottage real estate market - selling off plots without a contract. Developers cottage settlements sell land without homes, owners of large parcels conduct surveying and sell parts at retail under construction. On the sagging market, this method proved to be the only way to get income.

Financial difficulties in the crisis caused many developers to abandon the complex building of settlements and sites to offer without obligation for the construction to ensure sales. Buyers are also found on his hand, as the acquisition of land on the market crisis allowed to make minimal investments today, and construction to begin, let's say, tomorrow.

Either did not build at all, but after 2-3 years to earn by selling grown-up in the price of land assets. According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, the standard grounds buyer without a contract - a person who has no opportunity to either buy a house at once, or make an initial payment.

However, construction companies, which continue to build their villages, never tire of warning that the widespread sale of plots without a contract as a result reflected badly on the final product. That is, you can forget about the same architectural style and a common date object, and suburban real estate market may return to the chaotic building of 1990-ies.

According to the portal, just at the stage of primary sales on September 20, 2010 was 226 town in Ukraine.
According to the director of "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, now in 38 cities of Ukraine is selling parts as a contract, and without a contract. Of these, 19 towns are located in the Kiev region, 7 - in the Odessa region, 2 in the Crimea, Kharkiv, and Dnipropetrovsk regions.
"The minimum value of the land weave ($ 250) is awarded to a projected cottage town" Lana Polesie (Rivne region), and the maximum reached 18000/sotka in Odessa.
Average price of land in the weave of cottage towns of Ukraine as of September 20 sotavlyaet 5125 dollars, and the Kiev Region - 4103 dollar ", - said Victor Kovalenko.
Leaders in the number of sold plots in the cottage, Kiev region, according to Victor Kovalenko, Kyiv are Svyatoshinsky (4 campus), Makarov (4 campus) and Obukhov district (4 campus). Cheapest weaving in Vyshgorodsky area - $ 2000 (average price), and the most expensive - in the Obukhov district - 9000 dollars (average price).
Very cheap land in the Kiev region is available in the cottage "Yablonovskii Gardens" ($ 550 / weaving), and the most expensive - in the town, "Greenwood Club (Obukhovsky District, 14000 U.S. $ / weaving).

At the town market and a lot of small towns with mixed concept, where you can buy a ready-made houses and building plots. "These projects continue to be popular among buyers and sellers among the suburban real estate - told Victor Kovalenko.

- This is due to the fact that buyers are opened wider choice of suitable property, and the retailer is expanding its range of offerings. Some of the developers, initially followed the concept of construction contracts, but in times of crisis forced to retreat from it, decided to return to the initial plan development.

As told Victor Kovalenko, the crisis forced the landowners to go for another interim solution: the house in small towns do not build, but the communication to fail. There are currently sites in the unorganized towns have less than 20% of the proposals. The rest - areas in organized settlements, where the developer initially assumes no obligation to sum up the utilities, construction of fences along the perimeter and roads inside the village.

According to Victor Kovalenko, "Currently, most in demand areas of 10-12 acres, which represents 50% of the total number of proposals. Prices of plots have stabilized."
Victor Kovalenko
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