Russian occupation of Crimea impact on the cost of new buildings

21.04.2014 01:15
Real Estate Market Analysis | Russian occupation of Crimea impact on the cost of new buildings According to consulting company "RealEkspo" as of March 1, 2014 in Crimea Alushta city council had 26 buildings: 15 buildings constructed, 7-built and designed 4. The greatest number of buildings were in Alushta (15) and Partenite (5). In the Small Beacon Semidvore were 2 buildings and the Seagull and cypress - one building .
During 2013 the market went one new project.
Construction of a 6- sale stopped.
The predominant type of property are apartments (13 buildings) and apartments ( 13 buildings) .

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New Alushta and the surrounding area - a 5 -16-story building with 1,2,3,4,5 - bedroom apartments ranging from 30 to 350 sq.m.

The minimum value of 1 m - $ 800.
The maximum value of 1 m - $ 3,000 .

Average price of 1 square meter of March 1 for sale Alushta city council was equal to 1528 dollars.
Compared with the beginning of 2013 the cost of 1 m. m decreased by 246 dollars or 13.87 %.
The reason for this - the occupation of Crimea by Russia , instability of the economic and political situation in Ukraine .
Victor Kovalenko
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