Review of the new buildings of the Crimea-2010

01.01.2011 17:50
Real Estate Market Analysis | Review of the new buildings of the Crimea-2010 СToday, December 22, at the press center IA LigaBusinessInform hosted a roundtable on "Building housing in Ukraine: results, forecasts, change. "
A report entitled "Review of new construction of suburban-2010" by the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko.

Круглый стол в ЛигаБизнесИнформ, 22.12.2010
Consulting company "RealEkspo" (Kiev) has monitored 367 new buildings in the suburbs of the 18 regions of Ukraine, including 184 new buildings in the Crimea (50.97%), which took first place in the number of new buildings in Ukraine. Compared with the beginning of 2010, the number of new buildings has increased by 6 objects.

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According to the director of "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko," on December 21 of the 184 newly Crimea 40.21% (74 objects) are located on the territory of Yalta City Council, including the Yalta Gurzuf Simeiz Koreiz, Livadia, Gaspra, Massandra etc .
Second place among the regions of Crimea on the number of new buildings at Sevastopol 34 new buildings
Third place - in Alushta city council - 23 new buildings, including Alushta, Partenit, Maly Mayak, cypress, and others. "

Number of new buildings to the districts and cities of Crimea
(According to the company RealEkspo, January-December 2010)
Количество новостроек в Крыму, декабрь 2010Of the 184 newly Crimea in 45 construction completed; in the 125-T building (67.93%) of building and selling, only 14 new buildings planned to start construction.

In Crimea, analysts' RealEkspo "noted the following trends:
number of built in 2007-2009 housing, but so far unrealized, of 24% (44 properties) of the total number of new buildings in the region;
predominant type of property, taking into account the specifics are apartment complexes, recreational and elite new buildings near the sea;
Despite the crisis, housing prices in many handed new buildings and those on a high stage of readiness, not very different from the pre-crisis;
developers and builders of the Crimean apartment in no hurry to cut the price, hoping for the return of wealthy investors from neighboring countries;
among developers and builders noticed a lot of companies with Russian roots who invested and invest in the construction of luxury housing in the Crimea.

In Crimea, in 2010-2011, plans to build at least 20 new facilities.

By the number of "frozen" buildings Crimea Kyiv region is catching up: in 13 new buildings construction is suspended.

Price statistics for the new buildings of the Crimea (cu / m)
(According to the company RealEkspo, January-December 2010)
Стоимость новостроек в Крыму, декабрь 2010Minimum price in new Crimean notes at 413 dollars / sq ft in a newly built house on the lane. Tank in Feodosia and reaches a maximum of 10000 dollars / sq ft apartment in elite residential complex "Golden Beach" in Kurpatov Yalta City Council.
Average price of 1 square meter in new buildings of Crimea on 21.12.2010 start from 784 dollars in Feodosia City Council (Feodosia, Koktebel, Ordzhonikidze, etc.)
Yalta city council leader with an average cost of 1 sq. m in 2364 dollars.
Average cost of 1 sq. km. meters in new buildings of Crimea on 21.12.2010, amounts to 1701 dollar.
Victor Kovalenko
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