Review of the elite new buildings of the Crimea

29.09.2010 16:29
Real Estate Market Analysis | Review of the elite new buildings of the Crimea Average cost per square meter in residential complexes and apartments, claiming exclusivity, on the southern coast of Crimea is $ 3 - $ 6 thousand for the quarter. m, write "Economic News".

According to estimates of market players, by the end of the year prices in the complexes in good locations can grow by 10-20%. However, to truly be the objects of premium, such housing must be sold with a set of infrastructure and quality service to compete with Bulgaria or Turkey.

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The most popular place to invest on the southern coast of Crimea is the Big Yalta. In addition to the city a lot of elite complexes built or under construction near the small villages in the vicinity.

How much are expensive apartments
According to market research company SCC "Market-Crimea", this year in Greater Yalta erected or projected over 60 multi-story facilities. Directly on the territory of Yalta was built over 30 with a living area of over 160 thousand square meters. m. "Experts report on the preparation of the documentation is not less than 10 facilities whose construction could begin as early as this year. The main deadline under construction or announced for the start of construction of complexes: 2010-2011. (Several of them - 2012-2013 .)»,- analysts' Market of the Crimea ".

Anatoly Shakhnovsky, CEO of the IIR Cascade (builds LCD "Emperor" De Luxe class in Livadia), argues that prices for elite real estate Crimean can range from $ 2.5 thousand to $ 15 thousand, but basically get housing from $ 3 thousand to $ 6.5 thousand for the quarter. m

"In 2009, the number of deals dropped 40% in comparison with previous years, but this year has increased by 20%. In 2009 there was an increased interest in the property segment of the "business" and "elite", even though their cost has decreased only by 20-30%. To date, this segment is also prevalent, but in the rising phase of the pricing (up to 20 %)»,- says Mr. Shakhnovsky.

According to the company's "Respect Service, the average cost in the final elite LCD Respect Hall (village Koreiz, Big Yalta") is $ 6300/kv. m, and in "Villa Elena" (Yalta) - $ 13 thousand / sq. m. In order to buy an apartment in the Crimea, LC "Omega" in the finished first phase, will have to pay $ 7 - $ 8 thousand for the quarter. m, and the unprepared - $ 3 - $ 6 thousand

Exclusivity is defined service

In this case, housing the premium and De-lux classes are often positioned in the Crimea as apartments. "Legislative fixing term in Ukraine for today does not exist. Builders and realtors in the region treat it as a luxury housing to the level of service at the hotel ", - analysts say the company" Market-Crimea ".

"Convenient location - the main advantage of the prestigious area of natural beauty, close to the sea. However, good design means comfortable planning, to emphasize specific characteristics, and infrastructure, "- said Anatoly Shakhnovsky, CEO of the IIR Cascade (builds LCD" Emperor "De Luxe class in Livadia).

So besides a beautiful view high-quality LCD must have not only the proximity to the sea or to the park area, but a fenced and protected areas, multi-layered protection, parking at the rate of at least two parking spaces for the apartment, convenient access roads. But if these services are almost always provided in the first phase of construction, the construction of the sauna / pool, children's rooms, gymnasium and other infrastructure services are often postponed to a later time.

"The main problem is the lack of truly premiumnyh facilities in the Crimea due to the ignorance of technology create these objects in terms of both construction and subsequent management. It goes home premium - this level of hotel 5 stars with the appropriate service and quality construction. Such a facility must immediately after the "live", ie settled in such an object, a person must receive full service and not engage in rework, repair ", - said Alexander Popov, the director of the project group" Archimatika.

However, according to observations «i», only about 50% of luxury homes for sale with the finish. Alexander Popov added that the construction should be used high quality materials, which in Ukraine, most of them do not, they must be purchased abroad. Also find builders who can build quality in our country is very difficult, they do not morally ready to build a well.

"To build complex itself - not the most difficult. It is important to build infrastructure and high quality service all year round. For example, the total investment in Respect Hall amounted to EUR73 million, and the infrastructure we have spent almost 30% of the funds.

The principal costs were not only for technological services (water, heat, drain, with nothing in the Crimea a big problem), but also on the arrangement of beach area with its swimming pool and even its own cable car. Only it was spent EUR2 million, "- said Oleg Nemirovsky, owner of the LCD Respect Hall.

According to him, the season of his apartment complex, along with SPA-hotel serves nearly 400 people, and in the winter - about 160 people. "To find workers among the Crimean population is very difficult. They do not want to work, so that we bring from all over Ukraine. Many of the complexes on the South Coast promises an elite service, but most of them are still under construction "- adds Mr. Nemirovsky.

"In the Crimea, in addition there is a serious problem with the infrastructure: roads, communications, and the surrounding buildings, which also reduces the class of housing under construction. Therefore, the quality is really high-class objects will appear with the advent of professional foreign companies that have experience in implementing similar objects ", - said Alexander Popov.
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