Review of the cottage towns of Kharkiv region

04.10.2010 12:05
Real Estate Market Analysis | Review of the cottage towns of Kharkiv region In the Kharkiv region, development of land and cottage villages in the suburbs began later than in other regions, resulting in the land long remained underappreciated. The reason - the presence of large suburban villages whose land has to satisfy the demand for individual building. Nevertheless, with the advent of the capital of developers in the Kharkov region began development has not previously built-up suburban areas, particularly forested areas in the north of the city.
According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, "as of October 1 in the Kharkov region according to the portal, there are 24 town. 4 of them built town, 11 towns are under construction and 9 - projects.
In 5 towns construction halted.
If we consider the small towns of the type, then in 18 cities are building houses and in the 6 - townhouses.

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With regard to area houses, the minimum area of 99 sq.m is fixed in the cottage, "Green Beach", and the maximum - 450 sq ft - in the Renaissance Park. "
The minimum area is 148 sq.m in townhouse for entry Lazkovskomu in Kharkov, and the maximum - 330 sq ft - a townhouse on the street. White Acacias in Kharkov.
In area of built cottages, a mini-town is built in the village. Siryaki (7 houses), but the biggest is the town "Green Coast" (89 cottages).
According to Victor Kovalenko, the average cost of 1 square meter in all towns of the region as of October 1, 1193 is the dollar. "
If you consider separately the cost of houses, the average cost of a "square" is equal to 1,215 dollars. The cheapest "square" is a cottage in the town, located in Siryakah ($ 500 per sqm, while the most expensive -2100 U.S. $ / sq ft (Pine Beach, Khotomlya).
Average cost of 1 sq.m in townhouses on to the portal on October 1 of 1158 dollars. The cheapest meter townhouse -700 dollars, and most expensive - U.S. $ 1,718
As for the cost of land in the weave organized cottage towns of Kharkiv region, then, according to Victor Kovalenko, the average cost of one hundred square meters of land in townships of the Kharkov region on sotoyaniyu October 1, 5250 equals dollars. The minimum cost was recorded in the town of Paradise, Yelenovka "(1500 U.S. dollars . / weaving) and a maximum of $ -10,000 / weaving in the town "Florinka" that the ring road in Kharkov.

Transactions in the market of cottage settlements Kharkiv region are virtually absent. This is despite the fact that the cost of the proposed cottages, compared to the summer of 2009, decreased by 30-50%. In particular, if in the last year of 1 square meter in most of the announced cottage townships requested $ 1,3-2,5 thousand, now actually find deals for less than $ 1 thousand for 1 sq. m.
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