Review of secondary suburban real estate market of Kiev region, July 2010

03.09.2010 09:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | Review of secondary suburban real estate market of Kiev region, July 2010 Portal Free Classified Ads Slando conducted a study of secondary suburban real estate market in July.

The maximum price reaches $ 10 million for the mansion area of 800 square meters. pm, located in the exclusive suburb of Kiev (25 km from the capital) and built on individual author's design.

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Country House is easiest to buy in a price range from $ 200 thousand to $ 500 thousand (26% of all ads). In the range of $ 100 thousand to $ 500 thousand (over 48% of all ad) sold the most houses in the Kiev region.

The average cost of square. am a country house - $ 555. Proposals for the sale of country houses in the Odessa area comprise 23% of all ads on the Boryspil district accounts for about 12%, and Zhitomir area - 11%. Brovarsky Vyshgorodsky, Obukhov, Vasilkovsky and other areas and areas occupied by up to 7% of all proposals for the sale of suburban real estate.

The cost of country houses in the Odessa area ranges from $ 400 per sqm But the average price of houses in Zhytomyr direction and Boryspil district ranges from $ 1000 per sqm, Vyshgorod and Obukhov parts - $ 350 and $ 2,740 per square. pm, respectively.

About 2% of all the ads constitute an offer to sell units at a cost of $ 3000 to $ 7000. Basically this summer cottages with communications and the area to 60 square meters. m, located over 100 km from Kiev.

The most popular are the holiday homes ranging from $ 100 thousand to $ 500 thousand main factor affecting the price remains the location and area. This category of country cottages located within 25-30 km from the capital in the forest and park areas.

According to experts analyzed more than 7,000 homes for sale in the Kiev region in July. "The most popular areas of the sale of country houses are Odessa, Zhitomir direction and Boryspil district. Obukhov district remains the most expensive suburban real estate market" - the report says.

As previously reported, in the second half of 2010 the price growth on a suburban residential real estate market can make no more than 3-5% (depending on the segment) on individual objects.
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