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Real Estate Market Analysis | Review of new construction of suburban Apartments in satellite towns of Kiev have become an alternative to more expensive housing in the capital. What is happening in the suburban housing market, what are the prices that offer - recognized Building.

Sacrificing status
Buying an apartment in the satellite town, the potential buyer selects housing, primarily because of the price criterion, getting on top as the benefits and disadvantages of suburban life. Projected to head the sales department of Prime Capital Group Victor Leon, the demand for such property will only grow. Indeed, despite the crisis, real estate developers of residential projects in the satellites will always be buyers, which would allow construction of the planned pace. According to observations of the expert, the prices are on average 30% lower than in Kiev, but infrastructure LCD sometimes even better.

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In addition, in the words of Sergei Sanchenko, deputy director of the CWP Ukrbudtsentr, a suburb offers a real alternative for young families. However, some are willing to sacrifice status from Kiev, buying property in the district centers, and just in big cities near the capital. "The advantages of satellites can be attributed to choose an apartment in a quality built house overlooking the forest or park for quite adequate money" - adds Alexander Dudar, Chief Sales and Marketing 000 "Brovarskyi Zavodostroitelny Works".
But in reality, the percentage of potential buyers in the satellite towns yet not so large. Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing company SV Development, notes that with the advent of crisis, demand for housing in the satellite down. This is especially true of apartments in the primary market. Demand for them, slowly but surely falls flowing into increased demand for "secondary housing. The fact that buyers were afraid of investing in new buildings, whose chances for implementation during this period decreased significantly. Because in the suburbs emerges a new trend: consumers prefer to pay more, but get real square meters instead of the beautiful avenues of the residential complex whose fate is rather vague.
Also changed the structure of demand for suburban housing. S. Sanchenko notes that, whereas before people bought one and two bedroom apartments, now switched to the studios. The reason for this - the calculation of available housing on their own savings rather than debt. Overall demand in the satellite Kiev, under supervision of an expert contracted by about 70%.

The situation on construction sites

Today in the satellite towns, according to V. Stepenko, frozen about 70% of the objects. True, this percentage also includes those in which the work is carried out from time to time. Only developers who have their own funding, can continue to build.
B. Sloth recognizes that the current crisis was rather ambitious, and touched the majority of sites.
However, a number of sites continues to be cost. Thus, the LCD "Seagull" in 2009 was put into operation three houses out of 18. The same applies to LCD "Brest-Litovsk" - he was commissioned in December 2009. At the moment the sale are two-bedroom (8,702 sq M) and three ( sq. M) apartment.
Ongoing construction of a residential complex Green Park. Here the developer at the same time the investor of the project, and bank financing are timely. "Factors that hinder the construction, of course, is - in the form of lengthy consultation with the local authorities - said S. Sanchenko. "But the maximum delay of commissioning, a few months."
Prices per square meter in the house of the first stage in the middle of August - from 7000 to 7500 UAH. In the second phase of the construction cost per square meter will be in the range 5000-5500 USD.
The residential complex "Olzhin City this summer introduced into service a house 2r. Renting houses 2A is scheduled for the I quarter of 2011. The cost of one-bedroom apartment here is 9150 UAH. per square. m on the ground floor and 9,599 USD. per square. m starting from the second floor. Two-bedroom sold for 8,498 USD. per square. m, three-room - to 8200 grn. per square. m
Protracted periods of building high-rise apartment complex with a children's clinic on the street. Oktyabrskoy, 31 g, in the town of Cherry. Implementing the project 000 "Cherry quarter. Initially the object delivery was scheduled for IV quarter of 2009. But in reality by the end of this year, plans to launch only the first section - there now being the finishing work. We offer for sale one-, two-, three-and four-room apartments. Depending on the type of apartments, its space, floors and other factors, the cost per square meter ranges from 8,500 UAH. 10 000 UAH. The second and third sections of the price per square meter is - from 8500 USD.
A year later than originally announced dates postponed commissioning of the second stage of the LCD Petropavlovsk - its completion scheduled for late 2010. In view of the impending delivery of cost per square meter has increased from 8,500 UAH. 10 000 UAH.
In the LCD "Kotsjubinsky" two-section home readiness at the time of article
was 98%. Delivery of five section houses planned for the end of the year. The minimum cost of an apartment - 7700 UAH. per square. m
At the final stage is the LCD Grand Life, implementation of which carries 000 "Ukrsotsbud. All four houses were built, on August 12, the act of commissioning is at the stage of signing at City Hall. The minimum cost of housing in the complex - 7600 UAH. per square. m. At 100% payment at a discount rate of 2,5%, with 50% payment of -1%. Unsold at the moment are about 40% of apartments in the facility, so prospective buyers have a choice.
Once again, moved the date of commissioning LCD "Birches." The complex is scheduled for completion in May 2011. Tentatively by the end of October last installation of windows and fa?ade. Minimum cost per square meter - 7350 UAH. Assuming 100% payment discount of 2%.

Opportunity to ask the price

Despite the situation with the pace of construction, the first thing that motivates willing to buy an apartment in the satellite town - it's an acceptable cost of housing. According to V. Stepenko with the crisis, average prices in the market of new buildings have fallen by 40-50%. The expert notes two contradictory trends. On the one hand, the cost of apartments in the frozen objects either remained at the same elevation as the mid-2008, or dropped even lower. Developers cut prices almost to the level of construction costs, trying to sell anything and get off at the minimum level of profitability. On the other hand, developers who were building facilities through its own financing and did not stop work, even at the peak of the crisis raised the price of one square meter by 10-15%. For example, in 2007-2008, housing in the residential complex "Chaika" was worth an average of 7,500 USD. per square. m, and now the average price rose to 8500 UAH. square. m. However, some companies are willing to take a reasonable compromise. Thus, in LC Green Park cost per square meter, which is at the stage of the foundation amounted to 5000 UAH., After putting the object in 2009 rose to 8500 UAH. But in order to enhance sales during the crisis, the developer has reduced the price to 7000 UAH. per square. m
According to V. Stepenko in satellite towns lowest cost per square meter of housing is $ 500, Medium - $ 800-1200.
In Borispol price of apartments starts from 5000 USD. per square. m
In Vasilkovo housing in new building would cost from 5870 UAH. per square. m
In Bucha value "square", from 5850 UAH. Vorzel in, for example, in a complex Grand Resort, - 8000-8200 UAH.
In Borodyanka price of one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments, from 4,850 UAH. per square. m
Of course, all potential buyers want to buy property cheaply. But you must understand: if the price of the object is underestimated in comparison with similar proposals, so the builder, there are big problems with funding. Damping due to a desire to get at least some money from consumers for the completion of the residential complex.

Reach the satellite

In addition to arguments that speak in favor of apartments in satellite cities, there are factors that could stop potential buyers. One of the main reasons for doubt - this, according to B. Sloth, the remote location of the shelter. Concerns are justified: not every set of satellite towns with the principle of "get to work in the center of the capital quickly, conveniently and inexpensively."
Closest suburb of Kiev - cherry. Actually, the city has almost become part of the capital both in terms of transport accessibility, and in relation to property prices.
According to V. Stepenko, the most popular among homebuyers Brovary, Obukhov, Vyshgorod and understand that. Less demand for apartments in Vasilkov even less - in Makarov. High demand for homes in cities that do not have the status of the district center - in Cherry, Kotsyubinskoe, Irpin, Bucha, Boyarka, shepherds.
B. Stepenko indicates the following relationship: the larger the city, the higher the demand for housing. The second important factor - the proximity to Kiev. The third criterion - the level of construction activity in each city.

Real Alternative

As for the prospects satel ¬ LTL and desire of buyers to settle in them, according to experts, the construction of satellite towns will develop steadily. According to B. Sloth, it is because real estate is a constant demand, because in Kiev sites for the erection of houses and apartment complexes with a complete infrastructure becomes
But S. Sanchenko already on the results of this year, expects 40% rise in prices for primary market of satellite cities (relative to the crisis in 2009). We can assume that this is rather optimistic scenario. But in the complexes, or that have commissioned or are in the home stretch, the cost per square meter is definitely increased.
If we talk about frozen projects, their future looks far from rosy. Of course, there is hope that there are investors or creditors who want to invest in troubled real estate, but because of the high risk that is unlikely.
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