Return of the secondary housing market Kharkov to pre-crisis figures do not happen

31.01.2011 16:49
Real Estate Market Analysis | Return of the secondary housing market Kharkov to pre-crisis figures do not happen Given that the real purchasing power of the population tends to decrease as the mechanism of the mortgage is still unavailable to most potential buyers of apartments in the next 2-3 years the return of the secondary market of residential real estate Kharkiv to dokrizisknomu state will not, experts say Analytical Services GC "Proconsul" .

According to the company, up to 4 square meters. 2010 the volume of supply in the market of secondary residential real estate in general has decreased - by about 18.2% compared with the previous quarter, and the sentence structure of the secondary housing for 2010, the share of one-and two-bedroom apartments, wrote Building.

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About 80% of the market are exchange transactions through the buying and selling to improve living conditions or a change in the district of residence, and transactions on the secondary market are carried out mainly for their own accumulated funds of citizens.

Mortgage lending still remains inaccessible to the population: the average rate on mortgages in the city of Kharkiv is 16-22% for a period of 1-20 years, the banks put forward a number of stringent requirements on the borrower regarding the age, marital status, level of officially confirmed income, etc. According to experts, to revive the mortgage market should be expected before the end of 2011-2012, the

Purchase of flats in the secondary market is carried out not for investment purposes, but mainly for personal use, according to the company. Demand generated largely at the expense of immediate sales of apartments at lower prices. The biggest demand is for one-and two-bedroom apartment in good condition or repair, but below market prices. Remain unclaimed objects with large square footage dogorostoyaschim repair.

"From the market turnover on the secondary housing market go the cheapest apartments, the most expensive items temporarily removed from sale or slowly falling in price, reducing the cost of the proposal are also objects of mid range controls" - said in a statement Analytical Services GC "Proconsul".

According to the company of 4 square meters. 2010 tended to reduce the cost of square meters of housing on the secondary market, which was due to low levels of business activity, the lack of real prerequisites for the growth of solvency ¬ Nogo demand for housing, as well as changes in legislation. The downward trend in prices offers sq ft second home, outlined in June 2010, leveled the growth of price indexes at the beginning of the year. The average cost of square meters of housing on the secondary market in U.S. dollars for 2010 decreased by 3.05% (from 910 to 882 U.S. $ / sq ft).

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