Residential real estate Zaporizhzhya: dead season

02.09.2010 10:03
Real Estate Market Analysis | Residential real estate Zaporizhzhya: dead season For three years the price of housing in Zaporozhye cinizilas two and a half times.

Now more profitable to buy an apartment than to sell as much cheaper housing. But despite this, wanting to buy a dwelling was no more, and even vice versa. The fact that potential customers are simply not enough money even with lower prices. Even those who have clearly decided to buy an apartment, bargain with the sellers until the last, there is a struggle for each one hundred dollars.

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Realtors say that the choice they now have a small, many people have simply decided to postpone the sale of housing and waiting when the prices begin to rise.

Realtors say that the customers they are fewer in at least 5 times compared to 2007-2008 years. Demand has slid to its lowest level in history of independence. And no progress toward raising interest there. At UAH, the price is nearly fell. Three years ago, one-bedroom apartment cost 45 thousand dollars, or 225 thousand hryvnia, now - 28 thousand dollars, or 224,000 in local currency.

Most of those people who are still interested in buying a home, looking for an apartment in the center, Ordzhonikidze and Zhovtnevoe areas. Accordingly, there is the most expensive flat, two-room Full Movies with tolerable repair can be found here for 45 thousand dollars. Cheaper in Shevchenko, Kommunarskom, Leninsky district and Baburka - 30-36 thousand for the two rooms.

The cheapest apartments in Pavlo-Kichkase, the average price for "kopeck piece - 25000. In addition, the big hype and near the very low-cost housing - malosemeek, Khrushchev, sobschaet "KP".

By the way, is now flat on the sly has already started to rise in price. If last summer you could buy "odnushku" for 16 thousand dollars, but now there is simply no such prices, the lowest price - 20 thousand dollars.

Average soimost apartments in U.S.
1-room 2-room 3-room
Ordzhonikidze 24 000 45 000 55 000
Zhovtnevyi 26 000 46 000 58 000
Zavodsky 20 000 25 000 35 000
Shevchenko 26 000 35 000 47 000
Hortitsky 26 000 30 000 46 000
Kommunarsky 25 000 36 000 50 000
Leninsky 25 000 32 000 49 000
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