Residential Real Estate Sebastopol: supply and demand at the level of

31.03.2011 09:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Residential Real Estate Sebastopol: supply and demand at the level of Sevastopol region has a large and active suburban real estate market, where supply and demand balance each other. Because of this the prices remain at a stable and acceptable level of Crimea.

Sevastopol area on the map way of real estate in Ukraine is confidently knocked the lead and is now delayed except from Kiev. Immediately orient, realtors made inaccessible ordinary folk prices in central, prestigious and most active in the business plan of the city - is a square meter is worth at $ 2-3 thousand Thus, for the average consumer who wants to live or conduct business in a quiet tourist town the hero, to date, the greatest practical interest is the country property of Sevastopol, very popular among those who decided to buy their own "cottage by the sea." In particular, thanks to such interest among the inhabitants of other regions and even countries, often, the price dynamics in this region differs from the average across Ukraine.

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If the country the price of primary and secondary housing slowly creeping down - because of the lack of purchasing power of the population, then in the Crimea and Sevastopol, the dynamics is completely different. If we consider the Southern coast of Crimea, here square meter rise in price - faster than in the centers of cities and towns, slower at the periphery of inaccessible public transport. It is caused primarily limited free space on the South Coast - they are practically exhausted. In the Sevastopol region, which closes the southern coast of the west, the situation with free land and affordable suburban real estate situation is much better - here a few years will be a wide selection in every category of suburban housing. The prices are about the same level, because the demand is balanced by the proposal. Attempt to play agent prices against a background of political events, and this region is at the forefront of Ukrainian-Russian relations, managed only a short time, leading to interest rate fluctuations in the value of chapels in a month or two from the resonance of the event. For example, there have been attempts to push prices in the wake of the agreements established in Kharkiv, appreciation drowned in a wide offer and the sellers did not lose his head. Also came to nothing brought fanned excitement around the summer of fires in Russia. That is, the observed increase in residential property sales, but it does not lead to a rise in price. It is worth noting that long-term rent in Sevastopol, reacted differently to the same trend - because of the popularity of the city of migrant workers from Ukraine, the owners handed over flats do not miss the chance to increase their profits at least an inflationary index.

So what now can be bought in Sevastopol common man for himself - to live and for business - to take? In areas of the region that are in short distance from the center, the homes are worth more than $ 1 thousand per square meter. How much more depends on many factors. At a price affected by the presence or the ability to connect the gas, city water, habitable and civilized settlement, the presence of interesting tourist sites nearby, then have the opportunity to earn extra money during the summer season. This price is valid for one-room "shack", and three-storey mini-hotels, of course, with conversion to quadrature. On a more affordable price can be expected only when purchasing so-called residential villas located on the lands of gardening partnerships and poorly adapted for living. For example, many low-cost summer houses for sale on Fiolent, ranging from $ 20,000 for polutoraetazhnuyu dovecote on 4 acres of land. Yes, the sea nearby, but out of the window shows only the other cottages, roads - dirt and all, in these villages rather crude form. Here is a spacious and decent housing with all the amenities you can buy more than $ 50 thousand, but again, all the housing estates - it's residential areas only in the very long term.

If the aim is more serious, the houses in the popular tourist destination suburbs of Sevastopol, which is virtually the entire coast, are starting at $ 1,5-2 thousand for the quarter. meter, with 4-6 hundred square meters of land in the kit. At the same distance from the city of secondary importance, more important than proximity to the sea, stops and shops. This alignment dictates profitable seasonal business to deliver the rooms to tourists. Cheaper by the sea could be found, but it will be housing for demolition. Given the cost of removal of debris will be cheaper to buy a clean site and build housing there from scratch. By the way services for such construction in Sevastopol have many contractors, asking for his services from $ 250 per square meter, along with the materials. The average price of a good plot is $ 10 thousand 6 hundred parts.

Also, the suburbs of Sebastopol is a number of villages in Belbeksky Baydarskaya and valleys. Here the housing can be regarded as the most expensive - a decent home sold for $ 0.5 thousand for the quarter. meter. As pros in these areas ecology and scenic landscapes in the negative - the remoteness of the town and the rural flavor with chicken and goats. Although the village of Sebastopol affect its well-groomed and hosted by: asphalt on most of the streets, lighting stores.

As can be seen, the market town real estate Sebastopol developed, diverse and accessible. The city in recent years rapidly growing and evolving, including precisely because home buyers from other regions of Crimea, Ukraine and CIS.
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